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Artist working with the face and figure…….Javier Marin…

Sorry I didn’t write the past few days but I have had some tech issues with my microsoft windows.

Although I have prepared some short notes on today’s artist, Javier Marin, much of the information on this artist is in Spanish. His characters portray a great deal of emotion and enjoy the way the artist exaggerates the eyes on his figures.

The artist was born in 1962 in Uruapan, Mexico.

He is best known for sculptures. I enjoy the wonderful affects the artist makes with his figures by changing the eyes just slightly. From a design standpoint the sculptures remind me of the artist I have profiled here before SWOON.

Below a very large work done in 2010 for  show that took place in Vancouver, British Columbia.

online and land based galleries carrying the artist:  Nohra Haime Gallery in New York, New York.

low price range: Various etchings by the artist can be had for between $500 and $700 dollars. His works in metal start around twenty five thousand dollars.  Bronzes can

be found for around four thousand dollars. Terracotta works start at around ten thousand dollars.

high price range: Terracotta works can get upwards of thirty thousand dollars.   Bronzes can cost up to fifty thousand dollars.

The artist attended college earning a bachelors of fine arts degree in 1983 from San Carlos, Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, Mexico.

Not much more info on this artist that is in English. I can’t wait to see this artist’s sculptures in person.


Try exaggerating the eyes on your next portrait and see what you come up with!

Happy creating!