Artists working with the still life…..Giorgio Morandi…

This artist is great to see how simple shapes and exciting compositions can make objects that seem boring like bottles and glasses come to life.

A short collection of works done by Morandi in the Phillips collection.

The artist was born in 1890 in Bologna, Italy.

Another clip from a documentary on the artist featuring interviews with people that knew the artist.  It has English subtitles.

The artist lived most of his life in Italy. His father passed away in 1909 and he became head of the family.

Studied at the Art Academy in Bologna enrolling when he was only seventeen years of age. While at the academy he became fascinated by the artist Rembrandt and studied many of the master’s works. He also became enthralled with the Impressionist movement.  He was also inspired by the fantastic painters of the Renaissance period such as Giotto, Uccello, and Piero dellas Francesca.

The artist was also the head of drawing in Italy for elementary children.

In 1915 he joined the army but suffered mentally and was discharged.

The artist passed away in 1964.

You can find his art in many museums around the world such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. , The National Gallery of Scotland, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA.

Giorgio Morandi was given the nickname “The Monk” for his reclusive lifestyle.

Won several world wide art contests including the Biennale in Venice, Italy and also Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Very prolific when it came to producing paintings. He is up there with Van Gogh in number of paintings produced making nearly 1400 documented paintings in oils as well as 133 etchings.

A great quote from the artist is, “Nothing is more abstract than reality!”

A fantastic studio and museum is located in the artist’s hometown of Bologna, Italy. Two paintings done by the artist were added to the White House Art Collection by President Barack Obama in 2009.

Worked in oils, etchings, watercolors, and pencil drawings.

High price range: oil painting Natura Morta went for 1.426 million dollars

low price range: pencil drawings for one thousand to two thousand dollars. Watercolors start at around $20,000.

One last aspect I enjoy about the artist’s work, it all relates to his childhood for the most part. Look closely at the arrangement of the still life paintings, the vases and glasses are set up similar to the design of medieval architecture. Try to imagine the simple shapes you see as buildings. This artist was amazing in that although he painted the same objects hundreds of times, each composition has its own quiet voice.

Try painting your favorite glass and vase in a simple composition.

Keep creating!


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