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Artists working with the face and the figure…..Nguyen Thanh Binh

The artist was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1954.

Attended Vietnam fine art college. Also attended Ho Chih Minh Art University.

On line and land based galleries:   Souls of Asia    Phuket, Thailand.

A short video montage of works done by the artist.

A link to the artist’s homepage:

I enjoy the artist for his portrayal of Vietnamese  women usually caught in a moment of bliss, excitement, or having fun.I think of the artist has having design patterns similar to those of Mary Cassatt. The moods of his works are easy to decipher.

Works with oils on canvas. Many paintings have one or more sides measuring around thirty inches.

One favorite subject of the artists’ collectors is his paintings of women and children dressed in white, purple, and sometimes red. He paints the figure against a soft earth tone that makes the figure stand out. Great negative shapes are formed in the shapes between characters.

low price range:  $2,000

high price range: $6,000

A link to the artist’s own webpage.

To try and create a similar type of image, next time you are at the grocery store ask for an extra paper bag. Cut a long rectangle shape out of it to use instead of canvas. Then use some acrylic paints to insert an image on top leaving the earth tones of the bag. The artist is well known for his paintings with an earth toned background with fun colors such as red, white, blue, and beige.

To inspire himself the artist reads Japanese poetry such as the “Haiku”. He also enjoys listening to classical music. He enjoys the Haiku as its so simple for everyone to understand and comprehend the ideas behind the story

A relatively slow painter taking from weeks to years to finish a certain piece.

I hope you at least try to do one piece of art in more an eastern way of thinking, concentrating on the negative spaces and keeping a flow in the picture.

Happy painting!