Artists working with the face and figure….Su Zihan…

This artist is fantastic for painting the mood of a person and their surroundings.

The artist was born in 1978.

The artist is a master at painting someone who doesn’t mind to be looked at, and most of the time the subject is a woman that is looking to be alluring and sexy.  Sometimes holding a cigarette and lingering in the shadows.

The artist mainly works with the female figure. His areas of interest are fashion, the lips, the tongue, and the waist. He seldom paints the nude figure and strives for the sexuality of his characters to remain somewhat hidden, that is what makes them alluring. The idea of wanting to see more!

The artist also likes to portray the change that has taken place in China in the twenty years following the incident in Tienemen Square. Sex is much more out in the open in this society.  Not only are the young people in his paintings trying to look alluring, they appear to be intoxicated.  Be the subjects smoking some cigarettes or having some cocktails, its important that the viewer sees the subjects are chasing eternal bliss, trying to remain in this happy and excited state of mind.

Su Zihan attended college at the Chu Zhou College of Art, an Hui Province.


He has even done a series titled “occupational lover,” that deals with women working in the sex industry.

mediums used: oils on canvas

low priced range: $2500

high priced range: $15000 for a large double figure work measuring nearly eighty inches for both height and width.

on line and land based galleries: Soemo Fine Arts in Beijing, China and the Netherlands

The artist loves to push boundaries and the idea of a changing cultural China which old ideas and thoughts about sex have been forgotten and pushed by the wayside.

The artist, being born in 1978, grew up at an odd time in the culture. The Socialist market of China and the capitalist markets of the west were at odds against each other. The youth were forced to see the weakness of their political and structured society. Why try and be great all the time if you won’t see the benefits of your hard labor. The youth became angry at their political leaders.

I enjoy the artist for his focus on opposites. Complimentary colors for one, in the paintings which is use color. And also the many contrasting ideas in works.  A very beautiful young woman, who is also dangerous or might be in a dangerous situation to some. Very striking and beautiful on the outside, but how about the inside of the person.

This artist is surely one to watch in the next few years. It will be interesting to see the new direction he takes his work.

Try a black and white painting today!



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