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Artists working with the face and figure….Andre Kohn…


A clip showing a portfolio of the artist’s figure paintings.

Another collection showing the artist’s figure works. Please notice the texture and thick appearance of the paint.

The artist was born into a family of artisans in 1972 in Stalingrad of the former Soviet Union. As a child he was exposed to every form of arts and crafts that you could imagine. He grew up living close to the Caspian Sea. Attended college at the University of Moscow where he was influenced by Russian Masters of Impressionism. He loved many different Impressionist painters such as Fechin, Serov, Degas, and Sargent.

The artist moved to the United States in 1993.It took very little time for the artist to establish himself in the U.S. His mother was a fantastic violin player playing in a professional symphony. His father was a linguist as well as a writer and sculptor. Both parents were educators and both were trained in psychology. As a  the family lived in a small one room flat. He was taught that art and being creative was all one needed to happy. A bohemian lifestyle of sorts. The artist was even allowed to draw on the wallpaper, in fact his parents encouraged this.

At the tender age of fifteen the artist was allowed to be an apprentice to a Russian Master Artist.

The artist’s father ended up to be a colonel in the Russian army.  He became the first person to receive asylum in the United States after defecting  from Russia in 1992. His dad came for a visit to the United States and ended up defecting to the U.S.

mediums used: oils on canvas, graphite pencil on paper.

on line and land based galleries:   Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, California.

Hward/Mandeville Gallery in Kirkland, Washington.

low price range: oil paintings  $1,200

high price range: oil paintings  $5,000

I enjoy the artist’s style for compositions. His works that have two people are well designed. The characters are lively and moving, the viewer has is able to read the emotion of the figure from the position of the body rather than looking at the face. He also makes fun designs with the umbrella shape and colors.  After watching tennis  in Paris it was easy to observe that Europeans use umbrellas not only to keep the rain away, but also as  fashion accessory.

The artist lives in Arizona but still travels frequently to Europe mainly to visit France.