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Artists working with the face and figure…..Willie Kissmer



A short clip showing the many works of the artist.  See the many close up and cropped views of the female figure. Most of the time twisting with skin tight clothing. I found his work to be very sensual and moving despite the fact the viewer never makes contact with a face, only the figure.

A real treat here!  For the first time I have  a visual artist making music!  BroselMaschine, the band formed by the artist in the 1970s, singing. They were known for singing in a folk music style with lyrics in German and English.If you do a youtube search for BroselMaschine you will find many clips to amuse yourself!

Willi Kissmer deals mainly with the female torso. Much the same way another artist I have written about, John Kacere, the artist is known for the torso and most of the time the skin is covered with a skin tight fabric.  Most of the artist’s work is a mixture of etchings and aquatints. Occasionally he paints with oils on paper.

The artist was born in Duisberg, Germany in 1951.  As a teen he didn’t know what dream to chase. Should he be a visual artist or a musician?

The artist studied art and printmaking in college. Attended college at the University of Essen and the University of Duisberg. The artist did achieve success as a musician as well.  Kissmer the guitarist has released three albums.

The artist considers his figure works still lifes.  The artist loves to play up the light, textures, and folds of the skin.

On line and land based gallery:   Avalon Gallery located in Carmel by the Sea, California.

Kelly’s Fine Art in Alexandria, Virginia.

Onessimo in Palm Beach, Florida.     This webpage is great as it talks about etchings, drypoints, mezzotints and the different processes used for each.

A link to his own website:                      I highly recommend to visit the artist’s website. You can view the artist’s studio and get a sense of the many mediums he uses in his works.

low priced range: $500 for a print

high priced range:   Does have original oils on paper works out as well as bronzes. Bronzes are between seven to ten thousand dollars.

From a design standpoint the artist stands out as fantastic painter of fabric. His use of folds in the drapery make the viewer feel as if they are looking at a live and breathing human torso. The artist believes clothes and fabrics emanates calmness. When you add in the wonderful curves of the female body such as the thigh, the waist, or the breasts and the long straight lines of the fabric and folds its a feast for the eyes!

For some art home work try designing a work with only the female torso and clothes. Play the straight folds of the clothes off the curved shapes of the female figure.

Happy painting!