Artists working with the face and figure….Daniel Merriam…

This artist might be considered a modern day Dali clone, many of his figures are of the fantasy type.

A video of the artist drawing in France.

Around 4 minute video showing works of the artist.

Second part of the Art of Daniel Merriam.

low price range: many books  starting below $100 as well as calenders.

high price range: original watercolors or acrylics sell for 3,000 to 6,000 for the most part. As well as painting the figure the artist is also adept at painting houses. Most are Victorian in style and exude some elements of fantasy. The artist works mainly with watercolors and uses a dry brush method giving his works an oil painting like quality. For most artists houses are quite difficult and I think its because of so many straight lines that are used. If you see works by this artist or others such as Richard Schmid, notice the many varieties of greys and think of the different techniques used to make a straight edge. The back of knife, a finger, a comb brush, anything can be used to make a nice edge.

The artist was born in York, Maine in 1963.  The artist was one of seven children. He taught himself how to draw and paint when he was still a child.

Studied mechanical and architectural design. He then got into architectural design in the family design firm.  At was at the urging of his boss, his father, that the artist started to chase his dream of being a professional artist.

The artist then moved on to doing commercial work. He did both commercial illustration work and architectural design work. In 1987 he changed his focus on becoming a gallery level artist.

Has had over one hundred exhibitions world wide.

The artist has some books that are collectors items you can find on amazon many for one hundred dollars or less. The artist has been featured in national art magazines such as Watercolor Magic, Art and Antiques and American Art Collector.

The artist has won many awards for his illustrations.

A link to the artist’s own personal website:

The artist also produces sculptures. For a nine by 22 inch work in marble expect to pay around $9,000.

The Victorian style houses you see in his works are drawn from his childhood. He grew up in Naples, Maine and the town had not only Victorian style houses, but Gingerbread, and Colonial styles as well.

Of all the works of art produced by this artist I find the houses the funnest to look at. Very atmospheric and the houses seem to have a great sense of depth developed   by a mixture of greys.

One line and land based gallery: Visions Fine Art Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

Try and creating a surrealistic painting today. For inspiration refer to this artist, Salvador Dali, and Leonora Corrington.

Happy painting!


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