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Artists working with the face and figure….Pino D’Angelico…


A short clip about a DVD produced in honor of the artist.

A short video showing works by the artist. Please notice the skin tones and the soft reflection of light bouncing off the flesh tones.

The artist was born in Italy in 1939.

Pino passed away on May 25 in 2010. He had a terminal form of cancer and died at the age of seventy years old.

He was first told that he was a great artist in the first grade, Pino’s father didn’t want his son to pursue an artistic future. He was mainly a self taught artist but did go on to take classes at the Art Institute of Bari.

He first got his start in the commercial art industry designing covers for books. Over his career he designed more than 3,000 different book covers.

In the 1970s he visited New York City for the first time and upon his return to Italy felt that he was too restricted in his art. New York had so many varieties of mediums such as performance art, abstract expressionism, pop art, as well as the traditional artists such as George Bellows and Everett Raymond Kinstler.

low price range: $8,000

high price range: $ 40,000

mediums used: oils  on linen, canvas

In 1992 he wanted to leave illustration and its never ending deadlines behind. He sent five paintings to a Scottsdale, Arizona gallery and a new painting career was born. He then made a media tour including some television shows.  As an illustrator he designed romance novel covers  for Danielle Steele as well as a the Harlequin Romance series.

I enjoy the artist’s style and the way he paints the figure. When you compare the style to Dan Beck, much of the brush strokes are similar but Pino used a much warmer toned palette. Whilst reading an interview with the artist I was struck that much of the artist did his figure work from memory. If you have never worked from memory, please do so immediately. It will teach you the simple pattern shapes to look for in dark shapes.

Another artist who gains knowledge working from memory is Jeff Legg. Legg is known for wonderful still lifes and his technique for painting the wood that the still life rests upon. These two artists set great examples for finding a subject you love to paint and staying with it over the course of years to see the many avenues you can take the genre.

Another artist who comes to mind is the still life of Robert Jackson. He loves to paint apples as people, and uses old box crates as well.

You won’t find your ideal subject matter after just reading an article like this one! Get out there and  you will find out that you love to paint a certain type of flower, for me its the lily. Just keep creating and the rest will take care of itself!

Happy painting!


Artists working with the face and figure…..Dan Beck….

A clip showing an opening at a gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Mr. Beck is the gentleman with the mustache and lean build around 35 seconds or so into the clip.

This artist has made a name for himself in the art world over the past 3 to 4 years. He has won prizes at the national Oil Painters of America society for his portraits. An impressionistic painter who is quite prolific in his output.In 2011 he won a purchase prize for $25,000. Six years in a row he has won an OPA prize.

The artist was born in 1957. Went to college for a brief while at the University of Colorado at Colorado Spring and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. His parents were in the Air Force.

Has work in the Littleton Art Musuem in Colorado.

on line and land based galleries: Abend Gallery in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.,914

Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, California.

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery in Evergreen, Colorado.

mediums used:  oils and pastels

low price range: $1,000

high price range: $8,000

Has appeared in many national art magazines such as American Art Collector and Southwest Art magazines.

Besides painting the figure he also paints quiet cityscapes of cities on the water like Paris or Venice.

After high school the artist traveled for ten years working various jobs such as a ranch hand, construction worker, and he even joined the army serving four years and two years in Germany.He then sold everything and devoted himself to his artwork studying at the Denver Art Students League.

He is now based out of Lakewood, Colorado. He is married and has two daughters.

The artist credits his studies at the Art Student’s League of Denver and workshops with such as artists as Quang Ho, Ron Hicks, Richard Schmid, Carolyn Anderson, and Mark Daily as vital to his success.

The artist is highly sought after as a teacher.

A link to the artist’s own website.

Look for great things to come from this artist.  The Oil Painters of America will be having a show in Denver this fall, hopefully this artist will be included.

From a design standpoint I enjoy the many greys found in his works. Also I enjoy imagining the softness of certain items such as skin or satin/ silk nightgowns.  If you take a second to check out some gallery works visit the Greenhouse Gallery and look at some of the artist’s sunsets. The use of lighting and color is extraordinary. A great painter of the contemporary figure I encourage you to see his work in person if you have the opportunity.

Happy painting!



Artists working the face and figure….Manuel Neri…

A clip from the San Jose Museum of Art with the artist’s agent talking about Mr. Neri’s work.

The artist was born on April 12, 1930. He has worked with many mediums over his years including painting, printmaking, and sculpture. The artist was born to Mexican parents who left Mexico during the Revolution. They took sanctuary in California and Manuel Neri was born in Sanger, California.

Neri started college at San Francisco City College for electronics, but after taking a ceramics class he switched his major to art, and began studying at California College for the Arts and Crafts and the California School for the Fine Arts. Two famous artists the reader might know about instructed the artist in college, Richard Diebenkorn and Elmer Bischoff.

Interestingly both Bischoff and Diebenkorn started off as realist painters, both went thru an abstract expressionist era, then both returned to the figure. Both artist’s work is loose but structured.

Neri taught ceramics at the California School for the Fine Arts from 1959 to 1965. The artist then was a professor of art at University California at Davis off and on from 1965 until 1990.

He is included in the  Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. , the Denver Art Museum, the El Paso Museum of Art in Texas, the Whitney Museum in New York City and the Honolulu Museum of Art in Hawaii.

Was married to a figure painter named Joan Brown in the 1960s. He had three children that all became artists. His daughter Rubi Neri became known for her graffiti style using the tag “Reminisce.”

In 2006 won a lifetime achievement award for his work in the field of sculpture.

mediums used: watercolor, gouache, oils, charcoal, ink, and sculpture with bronze and plaster and even uses “junk” such as cardboard or burlap

low price range: for paintings and drawings on paper $3000 bronzes start around $5,000

high price range: paintings and works on paper or canvas, $15,000 bronzes go to $70,000    His record is $289,000 for a marble sculpture!

on line and land based galleries:   Robischon Gallery on Wazee St. in Downtown Denver.                              Includes sculpture and paintings for sale.

John Berggruen Gallery in San Francisco, California.

The artist uses very bright colors when painting his sculptures. He does this to honor artists that  inspired him such as Pablo Picasso, Mariano Marini, as well as Willem De Kooning. He enjoyed the latter’s use of color in expressing himself.

The artist still keeps a residence and studio in Carrera, Italy where he likes to do sculpting with marble.

How about making a loose interpretation of your next figure in a three dimensional medium!

Keep on learning!


Artists working with the face and figure……..Robert Liberace…


Clip from the Artist’s Alla Prima painting DVD.

Excerpt from a drawing in 3 chalks DVD made by the artist.

Short gallery of the artists paintings and sculptures.

I have seen this artist’s paintings in person and they are a joy to behold. He mixes in just the right amount of anatomic detail and soft edges. Also the compositions are very unique in that many times it shows one figure making multiple movements.

The artist works in a variety of mediums including drawing with graphite, making studies using ink washes which are very similar to old master works done by the great artists of the past, and also sculpture. He produces these wonderful animated creatures that look so lifelike its hard to imagine they were imagined.

He is included in New York’s Arnot Museum.

Has been in many national art magazines including American Art Collector and American Artist magazines.

Impressed many judges and won the Portrait of the Year by the Portrait Society of America in 2003.

For his sculpture he was elected to the National Society of Sculpture.

The artist attended George Washington University earning both a bachelors and masters degree in the fine arts. He started college on a baseball scholarship.

online and land based galleries:   John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, California.

Arcadia Fine Arts in New York City. ( Great site to see his smaller works, wonderful figures as small as 8 by 6 inches)                                      

Make sure and see some of the artist’s three chalk drawings. Simplistic in design but wonderful variety of line work and different edges.

The artist and his wife Lina now make Virginia their home. The couple have spent fourteen years there already!

The artist loves to teach and teaches in Virginia’s Art Student’s League and gives many workshops and classes around the world throughout the year. He has been included in the American Artist top workshops magazine.

The artist has also started to make some fantastic DVDs that help the artist improve their painting and drawing skills. The DVDs cover many different aspects of creating including drawing, drawing with three tones of chalk, anatomy, and even drawing the human torso. Its great fun to see the artist capture the figure and movement with the end result very moving and lifelike. You will learn new things each time you watch the DVDs!

Next time you think about doing some figure work how about taking your subject and doing a composition showing the same figure in two or three different poses like this master artist! If you feel up to it do two figure works and a smaller hand or foot study.

Keep on learning!


Artists working with the face and figure…Stephen Scott Young….

Below is a brief clip about the artist produced by American Artist magazine.

online and land based galleries: Adelson Galleries in New York City.

John Suvorek Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida.

Both of these websites show the true variety of mediums the artist uses from graphite, to silverpoint etching, from oil painting to gouache painting.

This artist I would consider a modern day Homer or Sargent when it comes to painting people in the Caribbean be it at work or play.

He uses a variety of mediums from oils to watercolor to gouache. He paints the watercolors on twinrocker handmade paper, many other well known artists recommend this company for their high quality papers, another famous artist who loves the brand is Jamie Wyeth.

The artist was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1957.

Another great aspect about the artist is that he claims his favorite medium to be etching. When you consider all of those great master artists who learned etching before hand such as Durer or Rembrandt, it seems to be a lost art indeed. He as an artist himself studied such artists as Vermeer, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Whistler.

Collected by major museums such as the Kemper Museum of Art and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

He started out making copies as a young boy of Vermeer and Caravaggio thanks to his mother, who bought him the books. Went to college at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. The artist won a huge amount of confidence he could make it as an artist by winning a contest that was held by American Artist magazine.

His wife is from the Bahamas and while living there he spends much of his time on his bicycle! Awesome lifestyle choice of going back and forth between Florida and the Bahamas.

low price range: $5,000

high priced range: $348,000  (it was titled the red bow)

mediums used: graphite, watercolor, gouache, oils, silverpoint etchings

The artist does a great job at capturing the light of the caribbean. Among his series of watercolors fetching more than 100,000 dollars was a series showing a group of island boys playing stickball and shooting marbles. The  artist has a keen sense of color mixing warm earth skin tones with bright floral and colorful patterns found in the Caribbean.


From this artist we can learn to always try new materials as it might open up our eyes to seeing something different. Also we can learn to paint with very light coats of paint in watercolors, gouache, and oils. This is the key to the artist’s work, many many light layers of paint!

Try a new medium today!

Happy painting!



Artists working with the figure……Sculptor Philip Jackson…

on line and land based galleries: Portland Galley in London, United Kingdom.   This is a great website to see his larger works as they would appear out of doors or on the lawn. Its also great because some galleries don’t list prices, but this gallery lists them all but remember they are in British pound prices.                            

a link to the artists website:

Book available covering his sculpture work since 1987 on it goes for around $125 for used and $305 for brand new. It has gotten excellent reviews.

I always include this artist as one of my favorite sculptors. His portrayal of women and their costumes give them a touch of elegance and royalty. Perhaps something a queen or goddess from a far away land. Also the bodies show a great deal of emotion mixed with power. To describe it in one world I would call his work “regal”

The artist hails from Great Britain. He was born in 1944.

An official royal sculptor to Queen Elizabeth he has done public commissions all throughout Britain and even public works in Argentina and Switzerland. He tries to split his time with gallery work and public works fifty percent to fifty percent.

Lives in West Essex. Attended Farnharm School of Art.  After college he was a professional photographer and then went to work as a designer for sculptures.

Some artists that inspire Mr. Jackson are Epstein, Rodin, Henry Moore, Oscar Nemon, and Ken Armitage.

Considers himself an expressionist working in sculpture.

He mainly works in sculpture now but in the past has done watercolors as well as oil paintings.

high price range: $60,000

low price range: $1,ooo

Some public sculptures he will be installing this year include a crew of 7 nine foot figures for a Bomber command memorial in London in June 2012. He also has done a sculpture of one of England’s most beloved athletes Sir Alex Ferguson, who played for the Machester United Football or Soccer ( if you live in the states!) team.

Through his website you can also choose to receive an email letter about his upcoming shows and exhibitions.

I really enjoy looking at the way this artist deals with the feminine form. The characters are timeless yet exude a real sense of beauty. As I think about women covering up a majority of their bodies, or all but their face and hands as in some Arabic countries, this artist exaggerates the female form just as I do. Long, elegant, the hands as well as the body, and full of wonderful S curves. Please take some time to visit his website and look for him appearing in national art or sculpture magazines.

When I think of a modern woman I might think of Snooki from MTV who is nearly naked many times. Philip Jackson’s women are sexier and they are fully clothed. Sensual lines indeed!

Get out there and create!


Artists working with the figure….Julian Opie…

mediums used: digital media with LCD screen display, canvas, panel, sculpture, lithograph, serigraph, vinyl

low price range:  Various prices  and here are some examples. Digital media painting landscape from my bedroom window, this was a series and most of the landscapes in the gallery are from this series. Cost is around $2,000 u.s. dollars. Most screenprints go for $2500 to 10,000.

high price range: six figures for large public size works

This artist hails from England and is known for his very modern looking figure work. A master of a variety of mediums he is comfortable working in video and film installation as well as screenprints or sculptures of vehicles. He was born in London in 1958 and grew up in Oxford, England. His technique involves using digital software along with the human figure to give a simple figure result void of individual characteristics such as eyes, eyebrows, or a smile. Studied at the Chelsea School of Art in 1978.  Attended college at Goldsmith College in England finishing in 1982.

Take his work with crosswalk signs. In some of his art he has taken the skirt and legs of a woman, used his artistic license to make it a “sexy” leg, and then made it into art by reflecting his clean feminine lines.

This short clip deals with a series done by Opie about a pole dancer.

A clip showing some of the digital works by the artist located in Ireland.

A 60 second or so clip featuring the artist talking about art and becoming a professional artist.

A link to the artist’s personal website:                     I must add this is a FANTASTIC website as you can get a feel for the many mediums this artist uses. On the website go to films and click 2010 or 2011 and see some shorts such as Rod Walking. A great work showing a man walking. Very simple but animated. The character doesn’t even have any feet.

Also very cool are his digital landscapes. A traditional design such as a flower bed, but showing movement of a slight wind perhaps 3 to5 miles per hour.

And also visit his music section, some landscape images of the artist mixed with different sounds, very experimental new and refreshing!


His first one person show was in 1983 at the Lisson Gallery located in London.

I enjoy how the artist tries to portray mood and movement using only a few simple shapes and lines.  A very active and emotional stick figure if you will. He sometimes uses vinyl as his medium of choice and even uses a laser to cut it. I enjoy how creative the artist is at trying to modes of expression.

Received some great public commissions such as designing a diver to help celebrate the coming summer olympic games that will be taking place in London this summer. Also did a large monument for singer Bryan Adams that is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Gained a large amount of publicity after designing the cover of a British band called Blur.  Created some LCD screens that are sometimes used by the band U2.

Try taking a figure of a sport that you enjoy and drawing simply as Julian Opie might do. Very simple without such details as fingers or feet!

Kudos to this artist for always finding new means of expressing his ideas!

Happy painting!


Artists working with the face and figure….Burton Silverman

A link to his personal website:

online and land based galleries: Gallery 1261 in Denver, Colorado.

low price range: $5,000 for oil painting. Various prices for watercolor and drawings.

high price range: $85,000. For more info please visit this website showing the top portrait artists including Mr. Silverman.    . For a full oil figure painting life size look to pay $85,000.

mediums used: oils, watercolor, graphite, pastels

a clip from a great dvd by the artist. He shows a unique method using bristol board and zinc goache. Its better than normal watercolor as its easy to make corrections.  What I enjoy about this artist and any of his dvds is that he lets his thought process show in the end piece. He paints a rough sketch, lets it dry, then reworks the drawing and adds more paint. He also uses a large Grumbacher brush which I had to search quite a few art stores to find. Its great to pick up large pools of water or paint and put them down without any fear of running out of paint! He has lessons on dvd covering drawing , using watercolor, and painting in oils. He also has some books out. Here is a preview from the watercolor dvd. Its also great as he slides the figure over after making some initial marks. Its great to see the entire thought process that goes into a figure painting.

A short clip from a dvd lesson dealing with using graphite and paper. I learned a lot about how the artist is very patient with his marks rather than try to get into the heavy details of the figure from the start. He starts making marks on the paper and from these random lines finds a very abstract and interesting composition.

Find his Breaking the Rules in watercolor book for around $8 on Another book titled the Sight and Insight of Burton Silverman is $90 on Amazon. This book is more of a retrospective of the artist.

Mr. Silverman was born in 1928. The artist attended Columbia College finishing in 1949. He has done commercial illustration for magazines such as Time and Newsweek. He is included in more than 20 museum collections including the Denver Museum, the Philadelphia Museum, and the Brooklyn Museum.

This artist is one of the best business artists around. He has his works available in life size oils to pastels and watercolors as well as drawings. He also has some prints of his work available. In addition he has written a book and made films showing artists his process of painting. The artist still gives workshops that are sold out as soon as the word gets out.  He is one of the best living artists in the country and I hope you get the chance to see some paintings of his in person.

One last item to learn from this artist is to use a variety of colors in your work, but grey them out.  If you have a bright cadmium red you would like to use in say a sweater, add some raw umber to the red and save the bright splashes of red for just a few areas on the sweater, the artist has supreme control of his colors and his palette.

For today’s art homework try a new medium. This artist does watercolor, oils, and pastels and a high level! You can do it also.

From my experience I use a watercolor technique similar to the artist but use gessoed hardboard rather than paper as you don’t have to worry about the board buckling.

Happy Painting!



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