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Artists working with the face and figure….John Kacere…

A short clip featuring some fantastic drawings and paintings of the artist.You also get to see some images of the artist at work on one of his paintings.  The size of many of his figure work is 50 or so by 40 or so inches, very much larger than life.

When I think of this artist I think of  the torso,  lingerie that is very translucent and wonderful organic lines of the female figure. The circle shape represented by the belly button, long “S” curved lines around the legs, even the exiting shape made by the underwear has a wonderful dimensionality to it the way it envelopes the figure. The artist was also great at painting the different textures of the human skin and the satin and sheer feel of the lingerie.

The artist was born in 1920 in Walker, Iowa.

Kacere attended college at the University of Iowa at Cedar Rapids earning both a bachelors degree and masters degree.

The artist died aged 79 in 1999 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

on line and land based gallery:    Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City.

The artist painted mainly with oils on linen. He worked in many mediums such as lithography, serigraph, drawings in graphite which are great studies in the female torso, and also pen and ink.

low price range: many prints available less than 1,000. Original oils around $10,000. Also has lithographs and pin up girl series calenders that go from $200 to $1000 for the most part.

high price range: Original oils for $50,000.

For his paintings he worked larger than life working around three times actual size.

Kacere started off as an abstract expressionist before working in with an idea of photo realism in the 1960s. For a short time he painted the entire female figure, but soon returned to painting the midsection wrapped in lingerie.

We can learn many ideas from the artist. First, composition. Rather than painting the whole entire figure, how about painting a section that has curves to play with. The triceps and biceps are very curvy, if you add some hands you will have many curves and straight lines.  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this artist is his lingerie. They all have a wonderful sheen, very translucent and reflecting a great deal of light.  Another great subject mastered by the artist would be bedding. Wonderful ‘S” shaped lines envelope the soft round midsection. I find the works very intimate and thought provoking, I would consider the works “body portraits” Very emotional paintings without any eyes or mouths.

Always be thinking of fun compositions to try.

Happy painting!