Artists working with the face and figure…..Vik Muniz….

The artist was born in Brazil in 1951.

Some very clever pictures  produced by the artist.

A work titled Rebus done by the artist for the Museum of Modern Art.

The official trailer for the movie “Wasteland” made with Vik Muniz and directed by Lucy Walker in 2010. The name for these real life garbage pickers is “catadore”

A link to the official movie website ” Waste Land.”

Muniz now lives and works out of New York City, but was born in Sao Paulo,  Brazil. He began as an artist in the 1980s working with sculpture. In 1983 he made his move to New York City.

He has done very unique works that have won him critical acclaim around the world. In 1997 he did many works of art using chocolate as his medium. In 2006 he started working with the idea of making art from garbage.

In 2010 the artist worked on a movie project dealing with making art from a large dump ground located in Brazil.  Its the largest dump in the world and its located in Brazil. The artist works hand in hand with those who scavenge the dump daily for great finds.   =  A great website showing a variety of artwork and newspaper article on the artist.

I enjoy the artist for his ideas. He is always looking to try new mediums such as peanut butter, jelly, and chocolate. And having won an Oscar for his documentary  “Wasteland ”  makes him stand alone as a great visual artist who also was great in film. Though Warhol was a great visual artist, the only goal he never really achieved was to go to Hollywood and become a movie producer.

low price range: $14,000 for a pencil drawing. Various photographic prints from 5,000.

high price range: Elizabeth Taylor picture of diamonds. $212,500.  A print similar to this piece was to on auction earlier this month but I didn’t hear any results. The estimate was $60,000 to $100,000.

For today’s art homework I have a great idea.  Draw a landscape or floral design. Instead of using paint, find an old puzzle and use the individual pieces to color your work. Try gluing the pieces to give the work an added dimension.  One idea might be to work with a puzzle of Paris. Use the individual pieces of Paris and make a drawing of another famous city such as London or Venice.

The artist works very large on his collages, my favorite landscape work by Muniz is the Almond Blossoms done after Van Gogh. The many varieties of blue the artist found in magazines makes the piece a very memorable one.






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