Artists working with the face and figure…….Dan Sprick


The artist was born on May 1, 1953.

Currently lives in Glenwood Springs, Colorado with his wife and daughter.

A great interview from 2009 with Mr. Sprick. The interview was done by the Denver Art Museum.  A very interesting artist indeed.

A great interview by Michael Klein with Dan Sprick. It was put together by Arcadia Gallery out of New York City.

The artist attended many colleges and academies after high school.  Attended Mesa College in Grand Junction, Colorado. The National Academy of Design in New York City. Bachelors degree in the arts from University of Northern Colorado at Greeley.

Has works in many museums. Denver Art Museum, Evansville Indiana Museum of Arts and Science, the National Museum of American Art in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. the State of Colorado Capital Building, the Hunter Museum of Art.

A link to the artist’s personal website-

On line and land based galleries-   Arcadia Fine Arts in New York City.  Great selection of the many genres painted by the artist.  From florals to landscapes to people you can see how hard the artist had to work to master his medium.

Gallery 1261 in Downtown Denver. This is where I usually find the artist’s work in person. Occasionally you might even find a charcoal drawing done by the artist if you are lucky.

low price range- $5,000

high price range-  $75,000

Sprick grew up in Colorado and in the late 1990s he and his wife were driving thru California. They found a great spot that had their name on it so to speak, and the couple rented a house within an hours drive of Monterrey. This was the only time the artist took to painting in plein air. In his house in Glenwood Springs many of his paintings of the ocean inhabit the walls.

mediums used: oils, charcoal

surfaces used: paper, linen

The artist made some lessons that you can find on dvd or vhs from   The artist was much looser in his work from this time period of the 1980s and compared to his super tightly rendered modern works, its hard to believe the works came from the same artist. I recommend the full figure drawing lesson with charcoal, he starts and stops over two times before getting a start he is happy with.

Great painter of flowers as well.

The artist is giving a live demo in downtown Denver at Meiningers Art Supply on 400 Broadway. You must donate either $35 or $10 to the Denver Art Students League. These events usually fill 70 chairs in BAD weather in Denver, best to get there early and get a good seat.  You must have a ticket to attend the demo and tickets go on sale the 22nd, one week from tomorrow. You won’t be able to buy a ticket online, you must go before hand to a location and purchase the ticket in real time in person!

Although the artist doesn’t dig into the figure as much as he used to, the drawing level is very high and a great deal can be learned from studying any of his figures. Notice the detail given to the underlying anatomy of the many skeletons painted by the artist. The artist is very diverse in his subject matter, trying to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Keep creating!  Don’t even give up!





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