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Artists working with the face and figure…..Bela Bacsi…

This artist does it all. He sculpts, paints, teaches, and is always an ardent student pushing himself in new and exciting direction.

A short video showing some of the artist’s portfolio.

Bela Bacsi was born in 1950 in Gyor, Hungary. When the artist was only six years his family moved to the United States from Hungary. The family settled in Ohio.

He now lives and works out of Santa Barbara, California.

His family was full of artists and he chose to become a stone sculptor.

online and land based galleries: Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Barbara, California.

American Legacy Fine Arts in Los Angeles, California.

He was pretty much self taught as an artist and in 1978, when the artist was 28 years old, he started work in Italy carving stone in very tight and realistic manner.

He later returned to the United States and worked for a leading company dealing with architecture and ornamental design.  Eventually he was able to open his own foundry and studio on Santa Barbara, California.

The artist started winning large art competitions and has won the California Art Club Gold Medal for Sculpture  prize 3 years now!

The artist has taught at Santa Barbara City College.

I enjoy the exaggeration techniques used by the artist. The female forms seem so very soft and sometime extreme exaggeration is shown to enhance a certain body part such as the breast or the butt.

No pricing was available when I wrote this article so if you would like a price, email a listed gallery.

Happy creating!