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Artists working with the face and figure….Pino D’Angelico…


A short clip about a DVD produced in honor of the artist.

A short video showing works by the artist. Please notice the skin tones and the soft reflection of light bouncing off the flesh tones.

The artist was born in Italy in 1939.

Pino passed away on May 25 in 2010. He had a terminal form of cancer and died at the age of seventy years old.

He was first told that he was a great artist in the first grade, Pino’s father didn’t want his son to pursue an artistic future. He was mainly a self taught artist but did go on to take classes at the Art Institute of Bari.

He first got his start in the commercial art industry designing covers for books. Over his career he designed more than 3,000 different book covers.

In the 1970s he visited New York City for the first time and upon his return to Italy felt that he was too restricted in his art. New York had so many varieties of mediums such as performance art, abstract expressionism, pop art, as well as the traditional artists such as George Bellows and Everett Raymond Kinstler.

low price range: $8,000

high price range: $ 40,000

mediums used: oils  on linen, canvas

In 1992 he wanted to leave illustration and its never ending deadlines behind. He sent five paintings to a Scottsdale, Arizona gallery and a new painting career was born. He then made a media tour including some television shows.  As an illustrator he designed romance novel covers  for Danielle Steele as well as a the Harlequin Romance series.

I enjoy the artist’s style and the way he paints the figure. When you compare the style to Dan Beck, much of the brush strokes are similar but Pino used a much warmer toned palette. Whilst reading an interview with the artist I was struck that much of the artist did his figure work from memory. If you have never worked from memory, please do so immediately. It will teach you the simple pattern shapes to look for in dark shapes.

Another artist who gains knowledge working from memory is Jeff Legg. Legg is known for wonderful still lifes and his technique for painting the wood that the still life rests upon. These two artists set great examples for finding a subject you love to paint and staying with it over the course of years to see the many avenues you can take the genre.

Another artist who comes to mind is the still life of Robert Jackson. He loves to paint apples as people, and uses old box crates as well.

You won’t find your ideal subject matter after just reading an article like this one! Get out there and  you will find out that you love to paint a certain type of flower, for me its the lily. Just keep creating and the rest will take care of itself!

Happy painting!