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Artists working with the figure……Sculptor Philip Jackson…

on line and land based galleries: Portland Galley in London, United Kingdom.   This is a great website to see his larger works as they would appear out of doors or on the lawn. Its also great because some galleries don’t list prices, but this gallery lists them all but remember they are in British pound prices.                            

a link to the artists website:

Book available covering his sculpture work since 1987 on it goes for around $125 for used and $305 for brand new. It has gotten excellent reviews.

I always include this artist as one of my favorite sculptors. His portrayal of women and their costumes give them a touch of elegance and royalty. Perhaps something a queen or goddess from a far away land. Also the bodies show a great deal of emotion mixed with power. To describe it in one world I would call his work “regal”

The artist hails from Great Britain. He was born in 1944.

An official royal sculptor to Queen Elizabeth he has done public commissions all throughout Britain and even public works in Argentina and Switzerland. He tries to split his time with gallery work and public works fifty percent to fifty percent.

Lives in West Essex. Attended Farnharm School of Art.  After college he was a professional photographer and then went to work as a designer for sculptures.

Some artists that inspire Mr. Jackson are Epstein, Rodin, Henry Moore, Oscar Nemon, and Ken Armitage.

Considers himself an expressionist working in sculpture.

He mainly works in sculpture now but in the past has done watercolors as well as oil paintings.

high price range: $60,000

low price range: $1,ooo

Some public sculptures he will be installing this year include a crew of 7 nine foot figures for a Bomber command memorial in London in June 2012. He also has done a sculpture of one of England’s most beloved athletes Sir Alex Ferguson, who played for the Machester United Football or Soccer ( if you live in the states!) team.

Through his website you can also choose to receive an email letter about his upcoming shows and exhibitions.

I really enjoy looking at the way this artist deals with the feminine form. The characters are timeless yet exude a real sense of beauty. As I think about women covering up a majority of their bodies, or all but their face and hands as in some Arabic countries, this artist exaggerates the female form just as I do. Long, elegant, the hands as well as the body, and full of wonderful S curves. Please take some time to visit his website and look for him appearing in national art or sculpture magazines.

When I think of a modern woman I might think of Snooki from MTV who is nearly naked many times. Philip Jackson’s women are sexier and they are fully clothed. Sensual lines indeed!

Get out there and create!