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Artists working with the figure….Julian Opie…

mediums used: digital media with LCD screen display, canvas, panel, sculpture, lithograph, serigraph, vinyl

low price range:  Various prices  and here are some examples. Digital media painting landscape from my bedroom window, this was a series and most of the landscapes in the gallery are from this series. Cost is around $2,000 u.s. dollars. Most screenprints go for $2500 to 10,000.

high price range: six figures for large public size works

This artist hails from England and is known for his very modern looking figure work. A master of a variety of mediums he is comfortable working in video and film installation as well as screenprints or sculptures of vehicles. He was born in London in 1958 and grew up in Oxford, England. His technique involves using digital software along with the human figure to give a simple figure result void of individual characteristics such as eyes, eyebrows, or a smile. Studied at the Chelsea School of Art in 1978.  Attended college at Goldsmith College in England finishing in 1982.

Take his work with crosswalk signs. In some of his art he has taken the skirt and legs of a woman, used his artistic license to make it a “sexy” leg, and then made it into art by reflecting his clean feminine lines.

This short clip deals with a series done by Opie about a pole dancer.

A clip showing some of the digital works by the artist located in Ireland.

A 60 second or so clip featuring the artist talking about art and becoming a professional artist.

A link to the artist’s personal website:                     I must add this is a FANTASTIC website as you can get a feel for the many mediums this artist uses. On the website go to films and click 2010 or 2011 and see some shorts such as Rod Walking. A great work showing a man walking. Very simple but animated. The character doesn’t even have any feet.

Also very cool are his digital landscapes. A traditional design such as a flower bed, but showing movement of a slight wind perhaps 3 to5 miles per hour.

And also visit his music section, some landscape images of the artist mixed with different sounds, very experimental new and refreshing!


His first one person show was in 1983 at the Lisson Gallery located in London.

I enjoy how the artist tries to portray mood and movement using only a few simple shapes and lines.  A very active and emotional stick figure if you will. He sometimes uses vinyl as his medium of choice and even uses a laser to cut it. I enjoy how creative the artist is at trying to modes of expression.

Received some great public commissions such as designing a diver to help celebrate the coming summer olympic games that will be taking place in London this summer. Also did a large monument for singer Bryan Adams that is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Gained a large amount of publicity after designing the cover of a British band called Blur.  Created some LCD screens that are sometimes used by the band U2.

Try taking a figure of a sport that you enjoy and drawing simply as Julian Opie might do. Very simple without such details as fingers or feet!

Kudos to this artist for always finding new means of expressing his ideas!

Happy painting!