Artists who paint food…..Eugene Wang….

This artist used to live in California but now makes his home up north in Canada. I enjoy his varieties of food that he paints. Very fresh and still wet seafood alongside candy canes and other packaged candy in wonderfully reflected plastic. He now makes his home in Toronto, Canada.

He has very unique composition ideas with knives pointing to split bagels and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He tends to paint the surface as a highly reflective and glossy. His works have a wide variety of different textures as well. Most of these paintings were sold directly from his website and many works are 8 by 10 or 5 by 7. A perfect addition to any collection!

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: gessoed hardboard

Prices vary and be sure to check out his website to keep on his auctions. Very good price for the high quality.

The website covers his paintings he has done from 2008 to present day.

Try taking a small canvas maybe 8 by 10 or 5 by 7 and work hard at making a strong composition with simple shapes. If you feel strong enough try to incorporate 4 different textures into your artwork. It could be wood texture for a table, a lifesaver in plastic wrap, and a linen or napkin.

Happy painting!




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