Artists who paint food…..Adam Forfang….

A link to the artist’s own website.

The artist shows at John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, California:

surfaces used: panel

mediums used: oils

A link here for some drawings done by the artist. The John Pence Gallery is unique from other galleries in that displaying drawings is just as important as displaying paintings. Its great to see not just the finished product by the artist, but also the steps used to get there.

The artist attended college at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California.  The artist went on to join the staff of his alma mater and is now  a professor for both painting and drawing.

The artist has appeared in national art magazines such as Southwest Art magazine and American Art Collector.

Lives in San Francisco, California.

Low price range: $1,500

High price range: $15,000

I enjoy his use of apples as people in his still lifes. The same style as Robert Jackson, giving each one a dose of animation and liveliness. His landscapes always have a sense of calm to them. Quiet subdued greys and motionless water give his water landscapes an extra dose of serenity. Even his sunsets that have loads of color, also include a variety of blended greys that make the color in the skies jump out even further.


For art homework today.  How about trying to paint and draw an apple as a character. Really try and give it animation. For ideas on how it might be done check out some drawings by Disney’s Nice Old Men and the movie Fantasia especially.


Happy painting!


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