Julio Le Parc number 2…

in the Awesome Acrylic Artist series I wrote about Julio Le Parc, in the photographs I mistakenly included another artist’s work and wanted to mention her work as well. So this will be a quick post on art and home decorating.

The artist who I mistook for Julio Le Parc is Anita Muise . See her blog at this address.   http://anitanh.blogspot.com/         This artist brings to mind some of the Op Art movement artists such as Bridgette Riley and Victor Vasarely. Bold color and fun repeating shapes that keep the viewers eye moving.  She sells many mediums dealing with art such as collages, jewelry, quilts, and beads . Below are samples of some work by Anita and her gallery is located in Wakefield, New Hampshire.

Rex Ray is an artist who uses very keen shapes and color to make outstanding collages as well as abstract paintings. If you are in Denver please visit the Vance Kirkland Museum where you can see some of his work just before entering the lower level.  I first became aware of the artist by his appearances in several art magazines, but one day I was looking thru a home decorating magazine and here was this artist’s work and I recognized it immediately. His work is the foundation of carpets and rugs.

Below is the address to see some of Rex Ray’s art that has been made into wearable art such as scarves and carpets.


Short clip showing some of the artist’s carpets and rugs.

Rex Ray sells originals of his works as well. His work appears far better in person than in any magazine.

Another fantastic artist who has impressed me with her wide variety of mediums is Amelia Caruso. I first became aware of her art by a neat program in Colorado that gives jobs to artists to design industrial utility covers with fun designs.  She uses many circles combined with fun color combinations.  The artist just recently negotiated a deal for the use of her art on fabrics.

Think about all the objects you use in daily life that have some form of art. The possibilities are endless. Bath towels, beach towels, sweaters(its cold today!), collector plates, oven mitts, coffee mugs the list never stops. Find a genre or something you love to paint and could paint relentlessly for months at a time and go for it.

The artist loves working with circles and colors.  A short clip showing the artist at work in the out of doors.

Here is a link to a page showing her recently released fabric patterns. Her circles are all hand painted with only a paintbrush. She also sells her original paintings.               http://www.ameliacaruso.com/fabric.htm

Hope these three artists give you some inspiration to think about your design skills and using them on something besides canvas or panel.



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  1. AnitaNH Said:

    Thanks for including me with such talented artists. I love Amelia Caruso’s designs for Kaufman Fabrics, and I have been a huge fan of Rex Ray for years. To have my work compared to the incredible op artists Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley really made my day!

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