Artists who paint food……Richard Davidson

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas

online and land gallery: Opus Art Limited in Newcastle Upon Tynes, United Kingdom.

low price range: 900 pound sterling

high price range: 2200 pound sterling

This artist was born in 1946 in Newcastle upon Tyne. The artist was first a lawyer by trade.  He attended Wimbledon College for the Arts. Chelsea College.

Received law degrees in the late forties.

Below is a clip showing the artist at work in his studio.

His work breaks many so called rules, for instance no figure exists in the clothes. Also he rarely uses a horizon line and prefers to use a complimentary color to the subject.He also uses ;many objects that were part of his life as a city attorney. Ties, glasses, shoes, and shirts are four fun subjects from this genre.  The shoes are upscale, freshly polished, and shiny.

The viewer is shown that by climbing the corporate ladder some loss of identity and individual is gone.

He is many public and private collections through out the globe.

Try gathering your favorite pair of shoes and painting them with a complimentary color, don’t try and paint the ground, just concentrate on color schemes.

This artist paints very large with many works having a length of twenty or more inches.

Happy painting!


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