Another death in our artist family….Thomas Kinkade dead aged 54….

Thomas Kinkade who was estimated to be have art in 1 out of 20 homes died at age 54 of natural causes, autopsy should be reported this coming week.

He was quite a character. He considered himself a great christian and used christian as the middle name of all 4 of his daughters.

I think every person has positive and negative elements about them. Mr. Kinkade  in overall was perhaps the best businessman artist ever, before him no visual artist had sold one million items. He was a great businessman, but had to pay out nearly one million dollars to take care of some fraud. I think the artist had a great positive affect on the art world, perhaps similar to Bob Ross in the way he excited all income levels of his happy folksy style.

After he became famous and sold his prints even on the Home Shopping Network, he saved the originals for his daughters.

I have never studied his style in depth, but give him respect as an artist and more as an art businessman. I will miss his works.

Rest in Peace Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light.

The artist was my posting for my 300th entry, here is the link.




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