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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….. Davis Cone…

Please visit the artist’s own website @

low price range: prints available from $800

high priced range: original paintings in oils $50,000

Land based galleries: Forum Gallery in New York.

Another New York Gallery the Meisel Gallery showing photo realist painters.

mediums used: oils, acrylics

surfaces used: canvas

The artist has a book out, shown above in the gallery, of his theater he has painted and I saw it on used for around $40.00

The artist is known for his realistic paintings of movie theaters. Canvas size is large as you would expect for his city scenes, many around 3 by 4 feet.  The artist enjoyd the neon lit theater signs of the past.

The artist was born in 1950.

The artist is very concerned with painting every detail  and on most years finishes around 5 paintings. He takes several photos of a theater and then paints the theater without any people around.He enjoys painting theaters that are not part of larger chains. Movie theaters that show artsy independent films that you might see at some place like the Sundance film festival. He noticed these theaters have been disappearing at an alarming rate even back in the 1980s.  On occasion the artist will write his thoughts about the subject matter in the marquee. Some examples he has used in the past are “Sudden Death” or “Seems Like Old Times.

Another unique aspect about this artist is to search for his signature. He reminds me of the great artist Al Hirschfeld who used to sign his daughters name, Nina, and repeat it throughout the works. He would sign his name and then include a number which represented the number of Nina’s to be found in the painting.  Cone signs his name on places you wouldn’t think to look such as a parked car.

Native of Augusta, Georgia but moved to Los Angeles, California. Was denied entry into University of Georgia Fine Arts program as he concentrated solely on photo realistic painting. B.of A. from Mercer college in Atlanta, Georgia.

I must respect any artist that only produces around 5 paintings each year. Imagine how much effort that is brought to produce not only a great drawing, but also the work that goes into the many layers of paint. Its also fun to look at old school theaters that used to exist. As an artist myself I would rather give my money to these theaters rather than the Carmike or Cinemark  that shows mainly large budget movies. With the advent of movies being available with the internet, its yet another blow to the small theater niche painted by this artist.

Also this artist paints great reflections of light on the vehicles painted in front of the theaters.

Try painting your favorite local theater today! If you enjoy this type of work check out artist Bruce Cody who has a similar subject matter.

Keep learning!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Romero Britto…

Quick interview with the artist.

A longer interview with the artist.

The last clip is about the artist working with Cirque De Soleil for a show at halftime of the super bowl. The artist’s creativity shows no bounds!

This artist hails from Brazil. He paints highly stylized works that remind me of the pop artist movement in the 60s.  Very bright colors and bold brushwork. The artist is a superb business artist as he had more than 40 different prints available at A great mix of expressionism and pop art makes his work highly collectable.

mediums used: acrylics, sculpture

surfaces used: gessoed board, canvas

low price range: many posters and for an acrylic original on board 2,000.  Many high quality prints on canvas available as well.

high price range: $6,000 for an original.

The artist was born in 1963 in Racife, Brazil.In 1989 he moved to Miami, Florida. At the artist’s studio in Coconut Grove, Florida an executive in charge of an Absolute Vodka campaign asked the artist to do some work and he career as an artist in the United States was off and running. Three of the many companies he has done work for are Disney, Movado, and Pepsi.

Consider him the Warhol of modern day as he has many celebrity collectors including Mike Jordan, Elton John, the Rockefeller family, and  Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I love the colors and bold shapes of this artist. If you have kids, this would be a great artist to expose them too as his work is very expressionistic. Kids might not render an item exactly as it appears, but their emotions are expressed. A great businessman who got paid to showcase his brand at the Super Bowl where companies SPEND millions for 30 seconds.

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series……..Chuck Close…

Interview done with the Museum of Modern Art with the artist and Carroll Dunham talk about painting.

Part 2



Artist and others talking about the process of painting and viewing one of his portraits.


Chuck Close gives advice to artists when they are struggling.

Mediums: Acrylics, Oils, woodcuts, photography, pulp, fingerprint, etching, tapestry,

this artist is known for his large paintings of people. He uses a grid system to work on his paintings.

The artist was born in 1940 and his father passed away when he was only eleven years old. He gained a large following after producing portraits done in acrylics with the airbrush. Notice the detail on the eye in the gallery. This was near the beginning of photorealism and he was a pioneer. Eventually he has produced portraits in woodcuts, linocuts, and even using handmade paper or paper pulp.  He also had taken many photographs of internationally known celebrities.

The artist attended University of Washington in Seattle attaining his B.F.A. in 1962.  For his M.F.A. the artist attended Yale. Like Charles Gruppe this artist was also a Fulbright scholarship winner.

Exhibited at the Whitney Museum biennial and the New York Museum of Modern Art.

And now his health which is most interesting. The artist has a disease called prosopagnosia, this makes it difficult for him to recognize people. He enjoys painting people and faces as this improves his ability to recognize their face. This disease is termed as face blindness. Pearl Harbor Day, December 1988, the artist was giving a speech to local artists in New York and had a seizure which led to being paralyzed from the neck down. It took many hours of rehab but he was eventually able to take a few steps on his own, but spends most of his time in the wheel chair. He also had to learn to paint again, this time in a looser style.

I enjoy the artist for his unique approach to the human face and the fact he always learning new mediums to express himself. He also a great model for anyone that has to overcome extreme difficulty and in the process becomes the best they can be. I have never seen one of his large paintings in person and can’t wait to see how the face and abstraction blur and come together from distances ranging from 10 to 50 feet. The creativity of this artist is outstanding and I can’t help but think he has a huge stash of floral scenes hidden in his studio that the world has never seen. A master artist and businessman.

His style has changed over the years but still has the same process beginning with a grid and then working on each individual square.

Winner of National Medal of Arts in 2000.

The artist is a nightly viewer of the Colbert Report.

Involved with other artists including Laddie John Hill in a lawsuit due to a law that stipulates In California that artists or their estates are to receive 5% of sales of artwork. This is a law dealing with royalties that according to law should be passed on to the artist. The lawsuit was brought against Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

The black and white photograph mosaic of the artist sold for nearly $300,000 in 2009 saving Polaroid from filing bankruptcy.

Low price range: $1,500 for a rubber stamp print, celebrity photo prints 5,000 to 10,000.

High price range: $5,000,000 for an original in oils or acrylics

The artist is available at many auctions and prints thru a variety of galleries. Also has books out at your local library!

Be inspired by this artist to overcome whatever life throws at you to accomplish your goals and dreams!

Happy painting!



Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Charles Gruppe….

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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Charles Movalli….

The artist talking about composition. He learned much about composition from studying the work of Emil Gruppe and his harbor scenes.

The artist’s wife Dale Radcliffe speaks and the artist joins in.

The artist talks about painting using very simple strokes.

This artist is a great expressionist, impressionist, and plein air painter. Very lively brushwork and subdued color make his paintings highly valued by collectors.

Ph.D in English and has helped write and edit many many books. If you see an art book check to see if he was the editor!  The books get fairly good reviews.  The artist appeared on PBS in a show about painting out doors with John Stobart. Its a great scene as he and John Stobart go paint a harbor scene just before it rains. Its great to see what 2 artists paint from nearly the same location.


Mediums used: oil and acrylics

Surfaced used: linen

High priced range: Large landscapes 3 feet by 4 feet cost $8,500.

Low priced range: 12 by 14 inches going for $795 and Green Mountain Fine Arts in Stowe, Vermont.

Land based and internet gallery: Bayview Gallery located in both Brunswick, Maine and Camden Maine.

Walls Fine Art Gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I enjoy the artist for his fresh looking paint with many soft edges. Its great fun to see someone use acrylics in a fresh and spontaneous manner. His harbor scenes have great composition. Also notice the liberties he takes in making the shadows of the boat on the water come to life.

Try a harbor painting today!




Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..G.C. Myers

Below a clip showing the artist developing a landscape. Its interesting to see when the various parts of the painting are brought to completion.

A clip with the artist in studio talking about developing a painting.

Born in 1959 and now lives in Finger Lakes are of New York.

Mediums used: acrylics

Surfaces used: canvas, paper

Sorry but I couldn’t find a current price schedule listing the prices for his large or small works. No low or high priced range. No posters available.

Land and online gallery: Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia.                        

The blog for the artist is easy to remember since it has to do with his painting of red trees.                

This artist loves to paint landscapes that deal with the internal shapes and colors of the earth. His use of thick and luscious color makes the viewer feel that here is a painter that loves to have fun while painting. From a design standpoint the works are very unique in that the landscapes show the inner part of the earth. A worm’s eye view from in the dirt no less!

He paints very large up to 60+by 20+ inches and as small as 3 by 5 inches.

From a business standpoint his use of the red tree as his calling card is just great. Say you went to an art show, saw his works, and want to look him up at home. Rather than trying to remember his name, he has a website “red tree times”  the artist paints for the most part red trees then the name of the blog will easily be remembered. A great marketing and business move! Way to go G.C. Myers.

Has a book out titled “In Quiet Places” that has to do with his paintings from 2003 to 2008.

If you enjoy thinking about the inner earth and paintings including it then check out artist Doug Smith who paints a similar idea using farms.

Hope you are inspired to paint an internal landscape scene today!

If you wonder how the artist started building the earth up from several small shapes it was because he would have paint left over at the end of a session. Rather than throw the paint away he would use the color to build all sorts of objects in the dirt such as chairs, tools, or furniture.

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…. Julio Le Parc

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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Marcia Burtt

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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Robert Cottingham…

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