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Awesome Acrylic Artists series….David Lobenberg…



mediums used: ink, watercolor, acrylic

surfaces used: paper, canvas

The artist is based out of Sacramento, California.

Received MA from UCLA.

Teaches at Sacramento City College.

Online gallery:

This artist paints a wide variety of subjects, my favorite are his people and landscapes. His people for the freshness of the paint. The landscapes for their use of color and plein air look and feel. Very bright and explosive colors as well.

Collected by both public and private sectors. Some commissions have been done for Arnold Schwarzeneggar, the Sacramento Kings of the NBA, and  the Imax Corporation.

Has a dvd as well as book out. The dvd is for watercolor, highly adjustable to acrylics. Images of both are in the gallery above.

price range: from Fineartamerica I saw some prints for around $25. Originals priced $300 in watercolor to $2000 in acrylics

artist’s website:

I love this artist for not only being great with painting techniques and sharing, but for also being an astute businessman. A book, a dvd, workshops, and prints. If you are wondering a way to pad your earned income from art consider one of these ideas! This artist has done so and is having a great artist life! In honor this artist for today’s studio try painting a coke bottle or can.

Happy painting!




Awesome Acrylic Artist series…Scott Paulk


low priced range: $3,000

high priced range: $6,000

mediums used: acrylics

surfaces used: canvas, board

online and land based galleries: Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The artist tries to find beauty in something that you might just glance at and not look at for a long amount of time. The toys he paints seem brand new and his use of color is fantastic. In general its tough to control the color red, but with his use blue the amount of red in his art works perfectly.

His genre is also very interesting. Americana items from when America was the undisputed king, long  before globalization. Hand watches were quite fascinating with their many designs.

Sometimes the objects are painted as large as 3 by 4 feet.

The artist uses great color in his painting. Looking at the toys he paints always reminds me of being a small child and the great joy and fresh smell that came with opening a brand new box with a toy for me inside!

Not much information on this artist but he has been in many national art magazines.

Try painting a piece from your favorite board game. A thimble from Monopoly for example.

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Robert Genn

This artist has my favorite newsletter that comes two times per week. I consider him to be a national treasure of Canada’s art world.  His newsletter is very informative and gives information on how to improve your art skills as well as selling pointers.  He and a  small staff will make sure you get his twice weekly note.  He counts around 135,000 artists as subscribers, it is free!

A link to artist’s website.

Online gallery list here. The artist is older and a prolific painter so he has a huge body of work. Many galleries representing this artist are on this page.

Low price range: $2,000 Canadian Dollars

High price range: $15,000 Canadian Dollars

mediums used: The artist used to work in oils, but in the last newsletter I received 2 days ago he quit as he thought he might be inhaling toxic fumes with oils, so he only uses acrylics.

surfaces used: canvas

He was born in Canada in 1936.

If you like this artist I recommend viewing the art of Len Chmiel, who paints fantastic landscapes with an emphasis on fun colors and shapes.

A member of Board of Directors at Emily College of Art and Design.The artist has also written 3 books. One book listed in the gallery above titled “Painters Keys” costs only $7 on Well worth the price for all of his advice.

Below a clip featuring the artist doing work on a painting and his thoughts about it.

A collection of some of his paintings.

Time lapse video of the artist working on a nude.


The artist is also in many private and public collections. I enjoy the artist”s subject matter, keen color sense, and most important his willingness to share his knowledge with other artists.  The ideal icon for for an artist looking to grow their skill level and selling abilities.

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series……Dana DeKalb

low priced range:$2,500

high priced range:$8,000

I enjoy this artist for her very narrative style of painting. Many times the viewer feels to be somewhere they shouldn’t be, as if spying on someone. The artist has  a keen sense of design as she sometimes paints scenes containing two or three panels.  Other artists I have profiled that paint scenes with a multi panel approach are Peter Hoffer as well as David Griffin.  In these multi panel works each panel could make a wonderful art work, when seen together it causes the viewer to stop, think, interpret, and hopefully share with someone else what the painting means to them. In the gallery above the first three paintings should be seen one next to the other. Narrative pieces are great for inviting people to talk about art. More narrative painters please!

mediums used: acrylics

surfaces used: canvas, panel

The artist was born in Sumatra, Indonesia in 1958.   The artist went to college at Ponoma College in California. She currently resides in California.

The artist grew up with parents who were living abroad. She brings this narrative in her paintings which are very dreamlike and sometimes include people doing things that can’t be done like teaching pigs to read. The artist has a great admiration of mexican mural art and persian miniature art.

Here is the address for the artist’s website:

Online and land based gallery: Sue Greenwood Fine Art in Orange County, California. Please visit the website to see the artist’s two and three panel works.                                       

Rice Polak Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

The artist loves to tell stories from an outside perspective because she was always the outsider American growing up. Its great that she brings her own life experiences in her work.  For references the artist uses magazines clippings, social studies books, old family photos, and old travel guides.

Painting ideas: How about taking your favorite book or a book you read recently and painting the scene you remember the most. It will help you to remember the book even more. Many times people read so much information with the internet and social media they can’t keep it all straight.  Doing a narrative painting of this style will make you remember the book forever!

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Cesar Santader

A clip from Jerry Artist Outlet  that sometimes sponsors workshops with the artist.

A link for the artists website:

The artist was born near Cadiz,  Spain in 1947.

Online and land based galleries: Arcadia Fine Arts  in New York City   ,    Plus One Gallery in London

mediums used: acrylics and oils

surfaces used: panels and canvas

Known for painting toys and american icons for the 1950s and 60s when comic book heroes and robots were en vogue. When I first saw a crayon painting by the artist I wanted to eat it!  I remember once eating a red cherry and then seeing the bright red crayon and expecting the same taste, IT WAS GROSS!  The artist is a photo realist painter but his layering of colours is fantastic. He also has done wonderful paintings of animals that you might see on a merry go round. Now in this fast paced and tech centric world its fun to look back in the days when 10 year olds played outside more than with video games.  The merry go round was plenty of technology for me to enjoy and its fun to think back and reflect when just smelling a freshly opened box of crayons was the most exciting thing in the world.

Also a great painter of doughnuts!

Attended college: Florida International University, Pratt Institute, and New York University.

Try drawing or painting something from your childhood.

Be creative!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Tom Christopher…

A clip with the artist from a show given in Ontario, Canada. He speaks about inspiration and painting.

This artist paints wonderful city scenes concentrating on New York City.  I enjoy his compositions, use of bold color, and liberty to use artistic license to change boring shapes into fun and loose shapes.  In Denver we have many loose painters of the city scape whom I admire, but no one ever took the shape of traffic lights and molded it to their liking. The artist has even tipped the traffic light poles to fit his desire of an exciting competition. Many scenes are flush with bright light by using very light greys and whites.

The artist also loves to paint bicycles. The rider in most cases is headed off the page at an angle giving an added sense of depth. The people are never the forefront of the scene but rather support it and are always in motion, always in a hurry.

The artist is most interesting to me as he used to be  a courtroom artist for CBS.  No doubt you have seen pictures on television of poorly drawn courtroom characters. Here is an artist who broke away from drawing people and found his niche painting landscapes. He became adept at capturing emotions in the courtroom and now can capture the emotion of people walking in the streets with minimal brush work.

Mediums used: acrylics, oils

Surfaces used: canvas

The artist paints quite large and some cityscapes are as large as 4 by 5 feet.

The artist was born in 1952 in Hollywood, California. Studied at Pasadena Art Museum. College studies at Sonoma State and Art Center College also in Pasadena California. The artist was also a teacher at Parson’s School of Design.

low price range: $ 5,000

high price range: $ 17,000

On line and land based galleries in Paris, Osaka, Tokyo:

Name of land based gallery is Gallery Tamenaga.

Great website about the artist loaded with info on the artist!

Try a loose landscape today!

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series……Brian Lasaga

Surfaces used: masonite

mediums used: acrylics, watercolors, gouache, oils, egg tempera (mainly works in acrylics only now). Mainly a self taught perfectionist painter. Tries to capture the essence of a subject. Newoundland is in the far eastern area of Canada with many rivers, coastal, and forests that inspire the artist.

The artist lives and works in the St. George,  Newfoundland area of Canada. He was born in St. Theresa’s, Newfoundland in 1955.

In numerous public and private collections in both Canada and the United States.

On line and land based galleries: St. Johns, NL Christina Parker Gallery

St. John, NB Peter Buckland Gallery  On the artist’s website you get this as a link for some of his work. I went to his artist section of the gallery and it was empty.  Just email the artist to find out more about him.

Price Ranges: None available

I enjoy this artist for his paintings of the outdoors. Tranquil and peaceful, which is exactly how I picture Canada.  Composition wise my favorite works of the artist are of branches along the shoreline.  Great contrasts, shapes, and colors in the wood. He also has some great paintings of rust worn locks and aged wood.  The biggest asset of this artist is to create different and exciting textures.


Awesome Acrylic Artist series……Robert (Bob) Kuhn


On-line gallery:

Land based gallery: The artist has passed away and scarcely has work available.  Scour auction houses constantly to see what few works are available.

The artist was born in 1920 in Buffalo, New York and passed away in 2007.

My favorite animal artist! Got his start in art doing commercial work making magazine covers for the nations leading outdoor mens magazines.

Mediums used: acrylics, oils, sculpture, crayon, pastel, chalk, gouache

Surfaces used: board, canvas, clay (sculpting), paper

low priced range: bronzes $6,000.  Since the artist has passed away most acrylics start at $100,000.

high priced range: $812,000

The artist was convinced by sculptor George Northup to three dimensional art a try and he produced a wonder piece with elk crossing a river. The artist admitted he could never get hooked on sculpting,  but I admire his ability to give a new medium a try. A lesson for us all to learn! The two artist spent a week doing research and fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When the time came to leave the artist wasn’t finished but the two finished their work later in Bob Kuhn’s studio.

From an artistic standpoint his use of color and soft edges inspires me to paint more than anyone. A master of painting magazine colors he used this knowledge to paint a variety of greys where edges meet.  For instance when an animal is in front of a bush or rock, the many grays at the edges make the animal look lifelike.  For his use ocof lor many times the sky itself becomes almost an abstract expressionist work. A reddish and orange sky in the background with green and browns in the foreground.  For that ab-ex look I think his winter scenes with polar bears are fantastic.  When I first started painting I would have painted a variety of greys to make a polar bear.  By studying this artist I was able to learn to mix greys with color not just black, paynes grey, and white.  Great greys can be made with alizarin crimson and cobalt blue or ultramarine blue and cadmium orange. With his work you get on only a great abstract work, but realism as well. No one mixes the two better!

If you are in Denver take an hour drive to Gunbarrel, just outside of Boulder, and see four of the artist’s fine work at the .

The company has a museum of artists including Kuhn, Larry Fanning, and Wilson Hurley among others. The company produces greeting cars and calendars for sale worldwide.

Worked commercially in art from 1940s to 1970s when he concentrated on gallery works.

Try a an animal painting today. Be bold and make a fun abstract pattern in the background.

Happy painting!






Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Don Eddy

Low priced range: prints $400

High priced range: unavailable

A short clip with Don Eddy below.

The artist was born in 1944 in Long Beach,  California.  Attended college in Hawaii where he earned a B.F.A. and a M.F.A. The artist did some post graduate work at the University of California at Santa Barbera.  Now lives and works in New York City.

Land based gallery: Nancy Hoffman Gallery New York City

On-line gallery: The link will lead the viewer to his remarkable colored pencil drawings.  Wow!!!    :

Mediums used: colored pencils, photography, acrylics

Surfaces used: paper, canvas (makes own canvases with unique shapes)

The artist has a very unique style of painting. He first paints the entire canvas with green, purple, and brown dots of color. Then he starts to enrich the color. The artist also uses an airbrush, so I enjoy this hands on approach vs. digital painting.

He is best known for city scenes in the 70s and 80s. In recent years he has experimented with photography doing extreme close up shots of images with spectacular color and reflection. Water is a large part of his body of work in  photography.

The artist, even though a photo realist, has developed his own style of painting. His compositions are also fantastic as he paints many scenes with two, three, four, or more panels. One panel of these works could stand as a wonderful painting by itself, but the artist cleverly incorporates all the panels so they work well and cause the viewer to think how the panels might be connected.

A great book covering four decades of paintings by the artist can be found on for around $3.00 before shipping fees. The name of  the book is Don Eddy, The Art of Paradox and the cover is in the gallery above.

How about painting on a canvas shaped differently than what you are used to, perhaps a circular composition.

Many photo realist painters use only one photograph to work maybe 90% of a painting. The artist uses sometimes as many as forty photos to make one composition.

Work is owned by private collectors as well as museums.

Happy painting!

Awesome Acrylic Artist series…….Jason Brooks….


The artist lives and works in London, England.

Born in 1968 in Rotherham, England.  The artist has a huge international following for his commercial work. As it turns out I own 3 cds with his work on the cover. His design skills are used for many luxury brands and some of his clients in the past such as Vogue, Virgin Atlantic, Hedkandi Music Label, Cosmopolitan, and Smart Cars.  Below is the link for his of his commercial portfolio represented by Folio Arts based in London, England.

The artist’s own website has a variety of galleries that are unique in their subject matter. Some of the subjects include pee paintings, which are paintings of people going to the bathroom! I had never even thought of painting such a thing!  Another gallery has artwork of people covered in tatoos.  Many of these works are done in black and white on paper on linen.

Attended college in England at Central Saint Martin’s College and got some commercial art opportunities whilst still in college. Masters Degree from the Royal College of Art.  As a senior student he won an award from Vogue/ Sothebys for his fashion illustration. Also during this time he designed flyers for the hippest clubs in England.

Shows at the Saatchi Gallery and here is the link.

Low priced range: 5,000

High priced range: 12,000

Some of the artists commercial based work is listed below.

surfaces: linen, paper

mediums: pencil, graphite

The artist should be celebrated for his creativity. A success both commercial and in the fine art world collected worldwide. Such a variety of subject matter as well, I never would have thought to paint someone going to the bathroom. I have no idea what subject matter the artist will paint next, and I like that!

Try a black and white painting today, just concentrate on tones and don’t worry about adding color.

Happy painting!




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