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Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Bobbie Burgers…

Below is a clip featuring some wonderful floral scenes painted by the artist.

mediums used: acrylics, oils

surfaces used: canvas

low price range: $35. The artist has prints and posters available from and

high price range: $15,000 for a large original painting 50 inches by 50 inches or larger.

On line gallery: Bau – Xi Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

This artist hails from Canada and was born in 1973 in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has gained critical acclaim for her paintings of lush floral images. I enjoy the artist from a composition point as many times she paints fields of flowers, rather than a bouquet or vase of flowers. The artist loves to use thick paint and express herself in her brushstrokes. A quote from the artist herself : ” A floral can look like nothing more than a rendering. I want them to be larger than life and suck you in.” She has a great use of color and more important bright color. She breaks many rules of painting such as painting with too many reds, as she has great control of the color.  When mixed with her use of green and various shades of it for the stem and foliage part of her paintings. The artist focuses on color as well as movement in her works.

Books out by the artist:  Bau- Xi Gallery Toronto Forces of Nature  $50 CAD

The artist received a Bachelor of Art History degree from the University of Victoria in 1996. Her minor was in film.  She has also studied in Aix-en- Provence, France.

The artist has been in more than 60 art shows worldwide.

Among the artist’s favorite painters are Joan Mitchell, Gordon Smith, and Gathie Falk. You can see the Abstract Expressionist Mitchell had a large influence on the focus of color and repetitious shapes.  Gordon Smith worked as decorative painter and glass sculptor in Canada. Gathie Falk worked in ceramics and painting, focusing on color and repetitious shape. Check out this painting of maple leaves on cement.Its easy to see the influence of this artist in Burgers’ work. The painting is the last picture in the gallery, its done by Falk and focuses of the bright yellow and orange fall leaves with the cool subdued grays of the concrete sidewalk.


If you enjoy this artist’s style of painting flowers be sure and check out the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Gregory Packard. Both loved to pile on thick and expressive paint when doing floral images.

One thing to learn from the artist style of composing is to align your light and dark shapes so they have a continual flow, perhaps in a circle shape, when using a square shape. The artist paints quite large with paintings 50 by 70 inches or larger.

Its fun to see someone who likes to paint the flower, but without a fancy vase or even a container. This mixed with the cool greys gives her work a fresh and lively feel.

Try a painting of a small flower garden or patch in your garden today. Concentrate on explosive color and brushwork!

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…….Andrew Haines….

mediums used: acrylics, graphite, watercolor, oil

surfaces used: paper, panel, linen

On line and land based gallery: Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA.

The artist was born in 1961 in Woodbury, New Jersey.

Today’s artist, Andrew Haines, is known for painting city scenes mainly of the northeast U.S.A. such as Boston and New York.

Attended college at the University of Fine Art School in Tyler, Pennsylvania.

Has sold works to public collections including the Boston Museum of the Art and Yosemite Art Collection.

I enjoy the artist for his ability to make the mundane and boring a true work of art. If you like his art you might enjoy Rackstraw Downes, another painter of ordinary and boring objects. A shopping cart, a run down grocery store, a smog sunlit afternoon, a rusty but still functioning train, the artist truly captures the smells and colors found in large cities, especially on the east coast. The vastness he portrays is another fantastic quality of his work.  He can make a small panel seem large and full of spatial depth.

Another lesson we can learn from the artist is to vary straight lines. Houses are full of straight lines but do some studies of Sargent, Ed Hopper, and this artist and see how a straight line often has very thick and thin lines giving added motion and variety to the building.

Started working in the early 2000s from photographs as opposed to working from life. He loved the aspect of being able to work regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Try a painting of your favorite house in the neighborhood!

In April we will start looking at the many great painters of food, the delicious painters if you will!

Happy painting!