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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Simon Hennessey

A brief clip showing the artist’s work.


mediums used: Ink, acrylic, pencil

A link for the artist’s website:

surfaces used: board, paper, canvas

The artist was born in the U.K. in 1973.

He is known for working in the photo realistic tradition. Many times using ink and pencil also. A few years ago he would blend black and white images of celebrities on one side and colored editions on the opposite side. He is very unique in his compositions in choosing to crop images around the eye or lips. Very detailed in his work, the close ups of the face show a very high degree of skill with beads of sweat and moisture on the lips all done to perfection.


Online and land based gallery: Plus One Gallery in London, England. 

Scott Richards Contemporary Fine Art in San Francisco, California.

Attended college at Solihull College in the U.K.

The artist inspires me to take some time and try to paint a super tightly rendered face. Also the black and white images mixed with color, really innovative.

Try a photorealist painting of a portrait today!





The artist takes much liberty in his work, altering colors, crop the picture beyond simple facial recognition, and also neutralizes color.