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Awesome Acrylic Artists series….David Lobenberg…



mediums used: ink, watercolor, acrylic

surfaces used: paper, canvas

The artist is based out of Sacramento, California.

Received MA from UCLA.

Teaches at Sacramento City College.

Online gallery:

This artist paints a wide variety of subjects, my favorite are his people and landscapes. His people for the freshness of the paint. The landscapes for their use of color and plein air look and feel. Very bright and explosive colors as well.

Collected by both public and private sectors. Some commissions have been done for Arnold Schwarzeneggar, the Sacramento Kings of the NBA, and  the Imax Corporation.

Has a dvd as well as book out. The dvd is for watercolor, highly adjustable to acrylics. Images of both are in the gallery above.

price range: from Fineartamerica I saw some prints for around $25. Originals priced $300 in watercolor to $2000 in acrylics

artist’s website:

I love this artist for not only being great with painting techniques and sharing, but for also being an astute businessman. A book, a dvd, workshops, and prints. If you are wondering a way to pad your earned income from art consider one of these ideas! This artist has done so and is having a great artist life! In honor this artist for today’s studio try painting a coke bottle or can.

Happy painting!