Awesome Acrylic Artist series…Scott Paulk


low priced range: $3,000

high priced range: $6,000

mediums used: acrylics

surfaces used: canvas, board

online and land based galleries: Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The artist tries to find beauty in something that you might just glance at and not look at for a long amount of time. The toys he paints seem brand new and his use of color is fantastic. In general its tough to control the color red, but with his use blue the amount of red in his art works perfectly.

His genre is also very interesting. Americana items from when America was the undisputed king, long  before globalization. Hand watches were quite fascinating with their many designs.

Sometimes the objects are painted as large as 3 by 4 feet.

The artist uses great color in his painting. Looking at the toys he paints always reminds me of being a small child and the great joy and fresh smell that came with opening a brand new box with a toy for me inside!

Not much information on this artist but he has been in many national art magazines.

Try painting a piece from your favorite board game. A thimble from Monopoly for example.

Happy painting!


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