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Awesome Acrylic Artist series……Dana DeKalb

low priced range:$2,500

high priced range:$8,000

I enjoy this artist for her very narrative style of painting. Many times the viewer feels to be somewhere they shouldn’t be, as if spying on someone. The artist has  a keen sense of design as she sometimes paints scenes containing two or three panels.  Other artists I have profiled that paint scenes with a multi panel approach are Peter Hoffer as well as David Griffin.  In these multi panel works each panel could make a wonderful art work, when seen together it causes the viewer to stop, think, interpret, and hopefully share with someone else what the painting means to them. In the gallery above the first three paintings should be seen one next to the other. Narrative pieces are great for inviting people to talk about art. More narrative painters please!

mediums used: acrylics

surfaces used: canvas, panel

The artist was born in Sumatra, Indonesia in 1958.   The artist went to college at Ponoma College in California. She currently resides in California.

The artist grew up with parents who were living abroad. She brings this narrative in her paintings which are very dreamlike and sometimes include people doing things that can’t be done like teaching pigs to read. The artist has a great admiration of mexican mural art and persian miniature art.

Here is the address for the artist’s website:

Online and land based gallery: Sue Greenwood Fine Art in Orange County, California. Please visit the website to see the artist’s two and three panel works.                                       

Rice Polak Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

The artist loves to tell stories from an outside perspective because she was always the outsider American growing up. Its great that she brings her own life experiences in her work.  For references the artist uses magazines clippings, social studies books, old family photos, and old travel guides.

Painting ideas: How about taking your favorite book or a book you read recently and painting the scene you remember the most. It will help you to remember the book even more. Many times people read so much information with the internet and social media they can’t keep it all straight.  Doing a narrative painting of this style will make you remember the book forever!

Happy painting!