Awesome Acrylic Artist series……Robert (Bob) Kuhn


On-line gallery:

Land based gallery: The artist has passed away and scarcely has work available.  Scour auction houses constantly to see what few works are available.

The artist was born in 1920 in Buffalo, New York and passed away in 2007.

My favorite animal artist! Got his start in art doing commercial work making magazine covers for the nations leading outdoor mens magazines.

Mediums used: acrylics, oils, sculpture, crayon, pastel, chalk, gouache

Surfaces used: board, canvas, clay (sculpting), paper

low priced range: bronzes $6,000.  Since the artist has passed away most acrylics start at $100,000.

high priced range: $812,000

The artist was convinced by sculptor George Northup to three dimensional art a try and he produced a wonder piece with elk crossing a river. The artist admitted he could never get hooked on sculpting,  but I admire his ability to give a new medium a try. A lesson for us all to learn! The two artist spent a week doing research and fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When the time came to leave the artist wasn’t finished but the two finished their work later in Bob Kuhn’s studio.

From an artistic standpoint his use of color and soft edges inspires me to paint more than anyone. A master of painting magazine colors he used this knowledge to paint a variety of greys where edges meet.  For instance when an animal is in front of a bush or rock, the many grays at the edges make the animal look lifelike.  For his use ocof lor many times the sky itself becomes almost an abstract expressionist work. A reddish and orange sky in the background with green and browns in the foreground.  For that ab-ex look I think his winter scenes with polar bears are fantastic.  When I first started painting I would have painted a variety of greys to make a polar bear.  By studying this artist I was able to learn to mix greys with color not just black, paynes grey, and white.  Great greys can be made with alizarin crimson and cobalt blue or ultramarine blue and cadmium orange. With his work you get on only a great abstract work, but realism as well. No one mixes the two better!

If you are in Denver take an hour drive to Gunbarrel, just outside of Boulder, and see four of the artist’s fine work at the .

The company has a museum of artists including Kuhn, Larry Fanning, and Wilson Hurley among others. The company produces greeting cars and calendars for sale worldwide.

Worked commercially in art from 1940s to 1970s when he concentrated on gallery works.

Try a an animal painting today. Be bold and make a fun abstract pattern in the background.

Happy painting!






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