Awesome Acrylic Artist series…….Jason Brooks….


The artist lives and works in London, England.

Born in 1968 in Rotherham, England.  The artist has a huge international following for his commercial work. As it turns out I own 3 cds with his work on the cover. His design skills are used for many luxury brands and some of his clients in the past such as Vogue, Virgin Atlantic, Hedkandi Music Label, Cosmopolitan, and Smart Cars.  Below is the link for his of his commercial portfolio represented by Folio Arts based in London, England.

The artist’s own website has a variety of galleries that are unique in their subject matter. Some of the subjects include pee paintings, which are paintings of people going to the bathroom! I had never even thought of painting such a thing!  Another gallery has artwork of people covered in tatoos.  Many of these works are done in black and white on paper on linen.

Attended college in England at Central Saint Martin’s College and got some commercial art opportunities whilst still in college. Masters Degree from the Royal College of Art.  As a senior student he won an award from Vogue/ Sothebys for his fashion illustration. Also during this time he designed flyers for the hippest clubs in England.

Shows at the Saatchi Gallery and here is the link.

Low priced range: 5,000

High priced range: 12,000

Some of the artists commercial based work is listed below.

surfaces: linen, paper

mediums: pencil, graphite

The artist should be celebrated for his creativity. A success both commercial and in the fine art world collected worldwide. Such a variety of subject matter as well, I never would have thought to paint someone going to the bathroom. I have no idea what subject matter the artist will paint next, and I like that!

Try a black and white painting today, just concentrate on tones and don’t worry about adding color.

Happy painting!




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