Awesome Acrylic Artist series….. Davis Cone…

Please visit the artist’s own website @

low price range: prints available from $800

high priced range: original paintings in oils $50,000

Land based galleries: Forum Gallery in New York.

Another New York Gallery the Meisel Gallery showing photo realist painters.

mediums used: oils, acrylics

surfaces used: canvas

The artist has a book out, shown above in the gallery, of his theater he has painted and I saw it on used for around $40.00

The artist is known for his realistic paintings of movie theaters. Canvas size is large as you would expect for his city scenes, many around 3 by 4 feet.  The artist enjoyd the neon lit theater signs of the past.

The artist was born in 1950.

The artist is very concerned with painting every detail  and on most years finishes around 5 paintings. He takes several photos of a theater and then paints the theater without any people around.He enjoys painting theaters that are not part of larger chains. Movie theaters that show artsy independent films that you might see at some place like the Sundance film festival. He noticed these theaters have been disappearing at an alarming rate even back in the 1980s.  On occasion the artist will write his thoughts about the subject matter in the marquee. Some examples he has used in the past are “Sudden Death” or “Seems Like Old Times.

Another unique aspect about this artist is to search for his signature. He reminds me of the great artist Al Hirschfeld who used to sign his daughters name, Nina, and repeat it throughout the works. He would sign his name and then include a number which represented the number of Nina’s to be found in the painting.  Cone signs his name on places you wouldn’t think to look such as a parked car.

Native of Augusta, Georgia but moved to Los Angeles, California. Was denied entry into University of Georgia Fine Arts program as he concentrated solely on photo realistic painting. B.of A. from Mercer college in Atlanta, Georgia.

I must respect any artist that only produces around 5 paintings each year. Imagine how much effort that is brought to produce not only a great drawing, but also the work that goes into the many layers of paint. Its also fun to look at old school theaters that used to exist. As an artist myself I would rather give my money to these theaters rather than the Carmike or Cinemark  that shows mainly large budget movies. With the advent of movies being available with the internet, its yet another blow to the small theater niche painted by this artist.

Also this artist paints great reflections of light on the vehicles painted in front of the theaters.

Try painting your favorite local theater today! If you enjoy this type of work check out artist Bruce Cody who has a similar subject matter.

Keep learning!


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