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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Charles Movalli….

The artist talking about composition. He learned much about composition from studying the work of Emil Gruppe and his harbor scenes.

The artist’s wife Dale Radcliffe speaks and the artist joins in.

The artist talks about painting using very simple strokes.

This artist is a great expressionist, impressionist, and plein air painter. Very lively brushwork and subdued color make his paintings highly valued by collectors.

Ph.D in English and has helped write and edit many many books. If you see an art book check to see if he was the editor!  The books get fairly good reviews.  The artist appeared on PBS in a show about painting out doors with John Stobart. Its a great scene as he and John Stobart go paint a harbor scene just before it rains. Its great to see what 2 artists paint from nearly the same location.


Mediums used: oil and acrylics

Surfaced used: linen

High priced range: Large landscapes 3 feet by 4 feet cost $8,500.

Low priced range: 12 by 14 inches going for $795 and Green Mountain Fine Arts in Stowe, Vermont.

Land based and internet gallery: Bayview Gallery located in both Brunswick, Maine and Camden Maine.

Walls Fine Art Gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I enjoy the artist for his fresh looking paint with many soft edges. Its great fun to see someone use acrylics in a fresh and spontaneous manner. His harbor scenes have great composition. Also notice the liberties he takes in making the shadows of the boat on the water come to life.

Try a harbor painting today!