Awesome Acrylic Artist series…. Julio Le Parc

Julio Le Parc, acrylic, op art, creative

kinetic sculpture from 2009.

More of the artists many works below.

Some of his modulation series. Notice the movement of the shapes across the plane.

The artist was born in Argentina in 1928. Currently lives in Paris, France.

His work has crossed many different genres and mediums. For his acrylic works it seems they are based on shape, colour, and repetitive shapes. They remind of works done by Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely.

He is also a sculptor.

Mediums used: paper, canvas, wood, nylon

surfaces used: paper, canvas, metals, collage, lithograph, etching, silkscree, gouache

Low Price Range- 400 for an etching

High Priced Range- Oils have gone for little more than $100,000. Acrylic originals have gone for $22,000.

This artist is fantastic for his use of color and repetitive shape. For me I like the free flowing shapes that look like waves, I feel as though I am looking at a fast body of water with tremendous reflection of light bouncing from it. The artist can work as large as 60 by 60 for a painting and the demos are all of various sizes.

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