Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Marcia Burtt

Marcia Burtt, acrylics, plein air, landscapes

The artist also has made an instructional dvd and see a clip from it below.

No other painter is better at doing it on site with acrylics than this artist. I consider her level in acrylics to be on par with other modern masters such as Robert Charles Gruppe, who I will write about next. Wonderful at capturing the moment be it a hot summers day or a grey misty day. Her trees are always various shapes and made up of a variety of  greens.  Giving trees life and form with very few strokes, if I had to compare her to an artist of yesteryear it would be John Pike.

Low price range- Some  landscapes on her website are around $900.  Giclees and posters are also available on or starting around $154.00

High price range- Some landcapes are $3500.

Mediums used: plein air landscapes with acrylics

surfaces used: canvas

Artist was born in 1941. Earned bachelors degree in pre-med and art from University of California at Berkley. Masters of Fine Arts from University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. Missoula is a wonderful place to go visit. Very artsy community with more than 20 nice galleries and an array of pottery, paintings, and fine dining experiences. Very diverse for such a small sized city. I highly recommend a visit and to try the many bike paths that run thru out the city.

She paints for campaigns that help to keep California’s lands public and for various agricultural ideas.

Has been in national art magazines and is in public and private collections.

The artist is a great painter of landscapes, and for working outside doing a great job at controlling edges not allowing paint to dry so fast. She has been working this way for 3 decades so plenty of experience. Its great for us to be able to view her skills time and time again via her dvd. Of her landscapes I enjoy looking at the ocean and seascapes. The portrayal of the trees, both their greenish color combined with the blueish color of the sky and therefore water, make these outstanding works of art. High contrast and wonderful color combination. I have never painted acrylics on site, but after seeing this artist it sure makes me want to try.

Online gallery:

Land based gallery is in Santa Barbera, California. A picture of it is above in the gallery.

Try an acrylic plein air work today!

Happy painting!


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