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Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Micah Ganske….

A short clip featuring the artist painting. Be sure and see his youtube channel, where many more videos of the artist are listed.



another clip

His homepage is listed below.

This artist paints a variety of subjects, great portraits, but even more interesting are the landscapes with shadows.

Contemporary artist who was born in honolulu, hawaii in 1980.  Received a fine arts degree in 2002 from the Art Institute of Chicago. Received MFA from Yale in 2005.

Has been featured in both one person shows as well as exhibitions.

In his art statement he explains that he is a conceptual figure artist. In his shadow works the most important figure shape is the shadow that is cast on the ground. These paintings are fantastic as the viewer actually feels he is viewing something real and from a very high elevation. Great contrasts and colors in the shadows give a feeling of a warm bright sun lit day. The artist captures the feeling of the moment in this shadow works.


If you like this artist’s idea of the painting the shadows cast by a subject rather than just concentrating on the subject be sure and check out Josep Cisquella.

This artist uses mixed media to capture shadows as they appear in various European cities. He invites the viewer to touch his works as he uses acrylics mixed with crushed stone, giving the workout an extra 3 dimensional look.

Try a shadow landscape painting today!

I am really excited to see the demo by David Griffin today! Get out there and paint!



Awesome Acrylic Painters Series…..Peter Ford Young….


I wanted to remind you if you are in downtown Denver from 1pm to 3pm tomorrow head to Meiningers Art Supply on Broadway. There will be a live painting demo featuring David Griffin. The artist paints fantastic landscapes in acrylics. The last demo I attended here was Homare Ikeda, I arrived 5 minutes to one and had to sit far in the back. There are several cameras and a mirror is used to that you can see all the moves the artist’s makes.  This is a free demo so I encourage you to take some time out of your day to watch someone else create!

I received an email from Robischon Gallery in Denver and they are having an Abstract Expressionist painting Expo including artists like Robert Motherwell. Before the demo I had planned to go to Clyfford Styl’s Museum so I thought why not just make an abstract expressionist day of it! I would like to point out that Ab Ex was in vogue in the 1960s,  even Robert DeNiro’s father was a well known Ab Ex painter. Just because someone paints an abstract piece doesn’t mean that is all they painted. This was evident to me when attending the Vance Kirkland Museum in Denver, which had some wonderful realism based works. While looking thru the major art magazines I saw a portrait of the artist done by himself in a realistic style. Styl was a fascinating artist who painted many works of art, then rolled them up and stored them. The paintings are in great condition but since they have been rolled up they must be laid flat and allowed to stretch out.

So today I wanted to feature a painter than paints mainly in an abstract style.  I enjoy looking at his abstract pieces that have repeated patterns that remind me of when I was a little kid and I used to look at kaliedascopes. This was before videogames, cell phones, and smartphones.  A great use of color as well in these works that keeps the viewer’s eye moving around. Some of his works are done on a very large scale, some longer sides reaching 76 inches in length.

The artist was born in 1940 in Pittsburgh, PA . He just had his birthday recently on January 2nd. He lives in Arizona now.

Has had more than 40 solo shows and more than 100 group shows.

In the 60s and 70s was included in important shows at the Whitney and Museum of Modern Art. Was featured for the first time in Art Forum magazine in 1971.

Try going to an art show out of your normal genre that you like. If you like the figure, go to a landscape show. Look at mediums you haven’t explored yet. In order to grow its important to leave your comfort zone every now and then!

Happy painting!




Awesome Acrylic Artists series…..Kevin Sloan…

Below is a clip featuring some of the artist’s work from 2008 and earlier.  I couldn’t find anything featuring works that he has done recently.

this artist is by hands down my favorite painter of birds. A very contemporary and modern painter who was inspired by the great bird painter John James Audobon. I was lucky to attend a show of Audobon last year and was very impressed with the level of detail he put into painting not only the birds, but also flowers and insects that add color and movement to his works.

Sloan has evolved as an artist from painting birds with modern cities such as Miami or Orlando in the backgrounds to new compositions which feature a variety of animals. A turtle, a dog, a bird, and a butterfly all interacting with one another.  This is “magical realism” at its best. His level of design in composition is my favorite attribute of this artist.

He also paints on very large works now, many have sides that 60 inches or longer. Composing works this size is difficult enough, but to take so many elements that aren’t there in front of you and assemble them and play the light and shadow so the viewer thinks they are watching something in real life actually take place, just fantastic!

The artist was born in 1958. The artist has a deep sense of knowledge of the artists from the age of discovery when artists went to painstaking efforts to record and illustrate the natural world.  Two artists he looked up to were Merian and Audobon.


Happy Painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artists…..Sebastian Kruger….


A short clip showing some more of the artist’s work.

A piece showing the artist working on a large painting by Michael Jackson. Many works of the artist’s are done in a huge scale.


This artist has influenced me more than any other artist regardless of medium. In order to make a great caricature of someone you have to recognize how their face is different from a standard face and how you can exaggerate what it different and stretch so that it looks even more like the person. John Wayne’s slight underbite. Tina Turner,s legs. Marilyn Monroe’s body. The rough and hard lined facesof any of the Rolling Stones. The artist also paints great hair and amazing eyes that express the mood of the subject perfectly.

The artist has mastered the components of making wonderful art. The artist can draw at a high level. He knows composition many times pulling the viewer in for a close view from atop or just below the subject making the portrait look like a landscape. He is great at using color and layering so it has life, but still maintains a plein aire or impromptu look.  Also a key ingredient in painting is a high level of abstraction. The viewer’s eyes is kept moving from the subject to different parts of the paintings. The variety of 100% detail to very little detail makes the work come alive even more.

Great artists have great skills such as drawing, color and light, composition, and abstraction. A great painter of hair and eyes and clothes.  The many varieties of edges the artist uses are also tremendous. In many portraits large splatters of paint lay on top of the portrait making the work seem impromptu and spontaneous. It seems as if he uses an atomizer but I am not for sure.

The artist is more than willing to help anyone become a better artist giving workshops and lessons all around the world.

He was born in Germany in 1963. Interestingly he developed as lefty, but was made to write and draw with his right hand which was common at the time. His father was an architect. As a child the artist was a huge fan of Donald Duck. His parents wouldn’t allow him to buy any comic books or the like with still images so if he wanted to draw Donald he would go to the comic book stand, look at several images and memorize them, then go home and draw Donald many times.  Training this way allowed the artist to learn what made a subject a subject, very useful in his depiction of people.

The artist started in watercolor and moved to acrylics and brushes with only one hair to paint as tight and realistically as he wanted to. The artist has done work for magazines, movie and cd covers, as well as originals and prints sold around the world.

Currently around 700 paintings and 100 drawings exist by the artist.

Below is a link to the artist’s website.


Try painting a portrait today but EXAGGERATE a feature of the person, see how far you can stretch it!

Happy painting!





Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Joan Metcalf…


This artist paints wonderful landscapes of the northwest using vibrant color. Color is the most important part of her works.  The artist is just as adept at painting a seascape as a forest or floral scene.  In her own words she tries to paint nature at its most colorful and most dramatic. For me her paintings of the forest during fall are what inspires me the most. The warm glimmer of light bouncing off the red and yellow leaves of the fall trees, it doesn’t get much better. By using color as her emphasis the viewer can connect with her works right away.

As a business person she has great marketing skills having sold works to many private collections as well as appearing in national art magazines such as American Art Collector. She works in a variety of mediums using oils, watercolors, and acrylics.  She also has originals as well as giclees for sale.  Great entry price points for collectors of all price levels.

In some of landscapes she also paints the entire cycle of a plant. From the budding of a plant to the flower she believes, as do I, all life and stages of a life cycle are interesting and beautiful. Please see a previous post about my favorite Dutch Floral painter,  Rachel Ruysch.

Attended college at the University of Washington and was an illustrator the Oregon Museum of Science before becoming a full time painter.

Try a painting using colors as your emphasis, try to engage the viewer in what you are feeling rather than painting EXACTLY what you see.

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Robert Burt…


this artist paints landscapes that are emotional and infused with color.  I enjoy his landscapes because they have a dreamlike quality due to loosely rendered realism.

Compositions are very simple but the end results give the viewer a happy and pleasant feeling.  From a painter standpoint I enjoy the bold use of color in both the land and sky. Wonderful contrasts with warm golden and ochre colored land against cool blue skies.

Rather than paint sky scrapers or monuments to modern architecture the artist does a great job in  the buildings he admires most, adobe structures. Sometimes ordinary houses and sometimes old churches. Its great to see an artist stressing that sometimes simple is beautiful.

The roads are done in a manner that doesn’t emulate the fast and quick moving life in the big city, but focuses on freezing a moment in time and slowing it down. In today’s society that loves to print horrible news and the bad things that people do, this artist strives to make people slow down and treasure the everyday moments of slow ride thru the countryside. Using the older vehicles in the works also helps transport the viewer to a simpler and less complex time.

The artist was born in the 1950s in New York. He became interested in art thru an uncle he taught him chess and painting.  His uncle was involved in the advertising industry.

The artist attended Ulster college in New York and studied at the Art Student’s League of New York as well. Early on he found his niche in the art world by working with batik. He was able to master the art of a bold and simple composition. Batik  is done by making a design and using wax to depict, the fabric is then dyed and you are left with a very bold statement. No soft edges, just bold and dramatic compositions. In Lake Placid New York he opened up his own batik gallery which was very successful.

The artist traveled to South America and Europe. On a visit to Amsterdam, my favorite art city in the world, he decided he would try painting in pastels as his new medium of choice.In the 1990s he sold some businesses he had in North Carolina and moved out west to Sante Fe where the artist learned to work in acrylics.

Eventually the artist has been inspired by trips to Peru and even Mexico, where he owns land and a studio. He has even given classes to teach the people how to express themselves via art.

I enjoy this artist because he is always growing and trying new mediums. And he loves to travel and experience different cultures going far off the tourist trail to see how a normal person from the culture exists. He loves to see the beauty in everyday living!

Happy painting!




Awesome Acrylic Artists series…. Alvin Richard….

this artist paints still life works for the most part, I find his compositions and ideas very modern and his execution of the paintings show a high level of technical skill.

The artist is mainly self taught and has lived on the Atlantic coast of Canada for most of his life.

If you see his subject matter, its very intriguing. Be sure and check out his website where you can find what drives the artist to paint certain pieces.  On the blog he talks about the differences in the new monopoly games, and he paints them. Wonderful technical skill painting things like water droplets on soda cans and also a variety of textures.  For instance the artist got an idea from watching Oprah Winfrey’s last year. He went to a used bookstore and bought some books on her recommended list. He stacked them up and made a great painting. Its great when you can look into an artist’s mind and follow the works from the birth of an idea all the way to finishing the piece.

The artist, like most of us, gains loads of inspiration from other artists. He looks at a Wayne Thiebauld painting, then is inspired to paint some food himself.  Another time he was inspired by Gustav Klimt, so he found a book with Klimt’s most valuable painting worth more than 1o0 million dollars at auction. He found a book with this picture on it and placed it on a table. On top of the book is a vase. Very modern compositions that are very interesting to look at just because of composition, but if you know a little more about the world the ideas so unique its tough to stop looking at them!

The artist paints with acrylics on gessoed hardboard for the most part.

Below is a link to his website!

Keep those brushes and pencils going!

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic artist series….. Jim Seitz….

this artist paints great landscapes using acrylics mixed with gold and silver leaf. If you like this artist’s work you might check out Brad Reubens Kunkle who uses gold and silver leaf with oil paints.

I find this artist’s work to be serene and very peaceful. The reflections of the leafed areas are tremendous and add yet another layer of translucent washer.

The artist was born in Chicago. He attended college in Texas at Stephen F. Austin University earning a bachelor of science degree.

He has loved art since he was 3 years old! At that wonderful age EVERY kid is an artist before they start listening to people who tell them artists are born and not made. While in college he worked for the university doing some medical illustration.

A world traveler who started working in watercolor as it was easier to transport to places like Boreo, a location the artist has visited.

His work is collected worldwide and the artist has appeared in national magazines such as American Art Collector.

Try a landscape today with silver leaf in the back ground. I recommend silver rather than gold leaf as its cheaper. Its fun to figure out the many different designs you can use. Also you can play with the reflective properties of the leaf when you layer some paint on top.  Just make sure the paint isn’t so heavy that it doesn’t let the light shine thru.

Happy Painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..John Bowdren….

this artist not only paints wonderful acrylics, but oils and watercolors as well. He is known for painting boats.  His paintings of the sea inspire me  as an artist. So many different textures that the artists paints. The skin of the human figure, the reflections of the water, the old sea faring boats, even rocks all painted so the viewer can easily imagine touching them.

Below is a link to the artist’s website. The website is great because the artist’s gives a brief description about the piece, sometimes where it is painted and why he likes the piece or what inspired him to paint it.

The artist attended the school of visual arts in New York City. Has lived in many coastal areas like Seattle and Connecticut but his favorite place to live is in Maine. The artist is most excited by the quality of light that exists in Maine.

The artist even works in wood and sculpture to make prints. What a master of many mediums!

Hopefully seeing some works by this artist extraordinaire will cause you to try a new medium to express yourself. Acrylics are great to help you improve your oils as you can paint faster since they dry quickly. So if you are studying on various methods of painting grass, say a tightly rendered Andy Wyeth painting if you were to use egg tempera it would take a few days, with acrylics it would take only a few hours. Plus no smell and easy cleanup!

Happy painting!


Awesome Arcrylic Artist series……. Albino Hinojosa…


this artist paints mainly still lifes, with occasional landscapes.  I would consider his work almost to the level of a trompe painting in which the goal is to fool the viewer. Please notice his painting of the card stuffed into a surface rather than just resting flatly against it. Check out his painting of the mailbox. It transferred me back to a time when I was a young boy and I got to get the mail for grandparents!  The works connect highly with the viewer and transport them to the countryside. The artist is very skilled at rendering the affects of weather on objects.  Even a simple painting of an old door knob can be made to look exciting if the artist is highly skilled.

The artist was born in Texas in 1943. He grew up in Texas and now works out of Louisiana. He attended TexArkana college and worked under Otis Limpkin Then the artist went to East Texas State and studied with Charles McGough and other nationally known artists. He then went into illustration and has won numerous awards for his paintings. Received a masters degree from Louisiana Tech in Ruston where he now lives.

This artist also paints wonderful wallpaper. If you go to many modern houses the walls are boring and a neutral color. I enjoy the older houses with fun designs of floral scenes or some Rococo style works.  His skill for design and execution of a fun wall paper engages the viewer much more than a boring grey mixed with yellow ocher, white, and black. His painting of the floral wall paper is just fantastic!

The artist is even included in museum collections at the Longview and Tyler Museums of Art.

Try a still life painting today!

Happy painting!






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