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Awesome Acrylic Artist series…….A.D. Cook…

The last picture shown above in the gallery has the artist on the viewer’s left. The artist works with many of the world’s most beautiful women taken loads of photographs and then making a design of his choosing to paint.


Clip showing the artist painting a figure on a metal surface. The reflection of light on these works is fantastic.

Clip of the artist working with a Playmate model. It shows him taking photographs, preparing the metal, and working on the piece.

Low price range: $2,000

High price range: $50,000

This artist is a tremendously skilled figure painter.

Mediums used: acrylics, color changing urethane

Surfaces: metal, canvas

Artist was born in Phoenix in 1961. While growing up the family moved frequently, sometimes the artist would attend three different schools in one years time. One constant was art, so he became focused and developed a great work ethic from an early age. When the artist was 14, the family settled in Portland, Oregon. Here he learned to use the airbrush and improve his drawing and photography skills.

Back in the 1980s when the home video rental boom was just beginning, long before Netflix was even a thought, the artist worked with Hollywood Video Rental chains. He was the creative director and painted several hollywood mural scenes for some of the larger retail stores. He even helped develop the corporate brand of the large chain.

In the mid 1990s he left this job to pursue his own fine art dream where he could paint whatever he wanted. The artist made series featuring American motorcycles, nude figure works, and abstract pieces.

In 2004 he started using metals as a surface. In the youtube clip you can see how much different the surface is than canvas even before any paint is used.

The artist lives and works out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  He now sells mainly from his website, also accepting clients for commercial work and additional skills such as body painting. He started his own gallery in 2008 on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was located in Neonopolis, which was to revitalize the downtown area but soon after opening ran into financial troubles.

I enjoy this master of acrylic medium for his sense of design. Some of his figure paintings remind me of another acrylic artist, Bernardo Torrens who I wrote about previously, as they both can paint wonderful figures by using one color and white.  My favorite works of the artist are his blueish female figures, one color and white. I recommend anyone looking to become a better painter of the figure should also learn how to render it tonally and with one color plus white to make your own grey scale. At first use only 5 tones, then if you are satisfied with that break it down to 10 tones. He is also a great business person and I imagine him to try opening up a gallery again.

If you are in Las Vegas he sometimes has work showing at the Grape Vegas, a wonderful restaurant specializing in great food and wine.

Please visit the artist’s website below.

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