Awesome Acrylic Painters series…..Bertrand Meniel…

Mediums and surface used – Acrylics on Linen. Graphite on paper. The last 3 artworks above are graphite on paper. To me they are example of realistic drawing at the highest level of art.


This artist is widely collected and his genre is landscapes, often times of large metropolitan cities in Europe. When I look at his work it reminds me of Richard Estes, Raphaella Spence,  who both specialize in paintings of urban life in New York City.

Born in France in 1961.

The artist was a late bloomer, taking adult level classes from 1991-1995 in Paris, France.

Has been in many national art magazines, group shows, and solo shows. First group exhibition was in 1997.

I couldn’t find a photo of the artist or a price range.

Artist shows at Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City.

The artist is just a great painter of landscapes. All of his paintings have a rich atmospheric element. His street scenes are perfect models in composition and contrast. Some of the compositions on the more horizontal works remind me of the artist Rackstraw Downes.  Downes painted wonderful panoramic scenes combining views of the same scene but from different angles. Both made awesome works of art just using graphite and I encourage you to study drawings from these artists as much as possible.

Try to find some photo realist artist that paint your same subject matter, study them, LEARN from them!

Happy painting!


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