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Awesome Acrylic Artist series……Baiju Parthan…



Low price range = $5,000

High price range= The piece showing Ghandi at Lancashire went for $169,000 at auction.

The runner pictured last above the artist  in the gallery above is quite large measuring 4 by 6 feet.

Mediums used: Acrylic on paper, Oil with Acrylic and Gel, digital photographs, archival prints on metallic paper, acrylic on canvas, installations

Shows at these galleries: Aicon Gallery.

Palette Art Gallery.

Below is a clip from a  film done about the artist. Towards the end you can see the cover his book titled Baiju Parthan A User’s Manual. 

Baiju Parthan comes from India.  I consider him the Andy Warhol of the country, expressing himself in many many mediums.

The artist was born in Kerala, India in 1956.

Highly educated and always learning he received a degree in botany in 1976. A painting degree from Goa College of Art in 1983. A postgraduate diploma in 1991 in comparative mythology. Received masters degree in Philosophy in Mumbai in 2007.  This artist is always learning and taking this knowledge to find new ways to express himself. Make sure and learn something new every day and you will succeed in whatever you try. You must stick to it!

The perfect mixture of cyberspace and digital media mixed in with a strong traditionalist painting background make the artist very unique.

First exhibited his digital installations in 1999.

The subject of a book, Baiju Parthan, A User’s Manual. A great book that follows his path of life from birth to finding a niche in the Indian Art Market.

Internationally collected.

The main thing to learn from this artist is to keep evolving. Just because you have one degree from college, doesn’t mean you can’t have two!  Even if you learn on your own without the benefit of class, just keep learning!

Happy painting!