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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Shonto Begay….

A short clip from an art fair that took place in 2011, a painting of his is featured around 25 seconds in, growing up in the northwest it reminded me of when kids rode in the back of pickups all the time without seat belts or helmets. A simper and more innocent time before video games and the internet when you could have fun just riding in the back of grandpa’s pickup and looking at the fantastic sky.

This artist is a Navajo Indian. He was born on a reservation in Shonto, Arizona. His mother a weaver of tapestry and his father and popular medicine man. A big time environmentalist who often paints the effect man has on nature. Studied at the American Institute for the Indian Arts in Sante Fe, New Mexico and also the College of Arts and Crafts in California.

Worked as a park ranger for 10 years in Wyoming and Arizona.

Author and/or  illustrator of at least 10 books  that got very high ratings on Enjoys giving lectures to children and also doing painting demonstrations.

A link for the artist’s website is below.

Has been included in museum shows including American Indian Contemporary Museum and Phoenix Museum of Art.

His canvases are full of life with exciting bold and bright colors.

The artist paints with acrylics on canvas and was been working professionally since 1983.

Low Price Range= $950

High Price Range= $25,000. Some very large canvases are 60 inches or more on one side.

I enjoy this artist for his large scale works and their brushwork.  The swirls and circular shapes as well as the buildup of color remind me of another painter who loved to express himself on the canvas, Vincent Van Gogh. A great businessman  he has produced 3 books. Love the fact he LIKES to give demonstrations and help younger artists.

Try an expressionist painting today!

Happy painting!