Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Olivier Suire Verley

Finally my minor in French comes in handy! Below is a clip with the artist in French. It also shows a wide variety of his works. It is in French but I wanted to include it because its always fun to see artists and their work!

The artist was born in 1952 in France.

I enjoy the artist’s working process, laying out the shapes and volumes of the work in acrylics and then adding atmosphere and light with the oils.  The artist also has a keen sense of design by using simple color shapes for clothes. Both the figures and the shapes of clothes that repeat themselves as the picture plane recedes give the scenes added depth. Also interesting is the fact that he makes his own shadows. No boring warm darks here, he breaks up the shadow by inserting rain and water to break them up and add life to the paintings.


His grandfather was a famous painter in the country and his dad was an amateur painter as well as publisher of fine art books.

The artist studied painting and even etching while living in France. He got his start in art by illustrating books.

At first the artist painted with a darker palette and surrealistic themes, now he paints mainly the beach with heavy atmospheric conditions. The artist changed his working process in 1982 and moved to a small island off the coast of France. His palette changed and he found the same ideas we see today.

Loves to travel and goes often to Paris, Morocco, Spain, Italy, and Egypt.

Keep painting!





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