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Awesome Acrylic Artist series……Paul Cunningham…

this artist paints with acrylics and additional mediums to develop pictures very rich in color and texture. Of his portfolio I enjoy most the landscapes that concentrate on color. If you like this artist please check out Richard Mayhew and EH Klink, two artists that painted landscapes with exaggerated color to transport the viewer to the idyllic scene.

Paul Cunningham is a self taught artist. He loves to glaze rich color on his works. Loves to paint western scenes that remind him of childhood trips to New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming.

Has appeared in national art magazines including Southwest Art.

Has ventured into a lose style where color and texture are the most important aspects of the painting.Since he uses a high amount of gloss medium, especially in his abstract works, the viewer is always finding something new in the art when changing their own location.

Shows at three galleries.

If you like this artist, a similar artist who paints in this style would be Richard Mayhew. Landscapes with the focus being color, space, and emotion.

Happy painting!