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Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Micah Ganske….

A short clip featuring the artist painting. Be sure and see his youtube channel, where many more videos of the artist are listed.



another clip

His homepage is listed below.

This artist paints a variety of subjects, great portraits, but even more interesting are the landscapes with shadows.

Contemporary artist who was born in honolulu, hawaii in 1980.  Received a fine arts degree in 2002 from the Art Institute of Chicago. Received MFA from Yale in 2005.

Has been featured in both one person shows as well as exhibitions.

In his art statement he explains that he is a conceptual figure artist. In his shadow works the most important figure shape is the shadow that is cast on the ground. These paintings are fantastic as the viewer actually feels he is viewing something real and from a very high elevation. Great contrasts and colors in the shadows give a feeling of a warm bright sun lit day. The artist captures the feeling of the moment in this shadow works.


If you like this artist’s idea of the painting the shadows cast by a subject rather than just concentrating on the subject be sure and check out Josep Cisquella.

This artist uses mixed media to capture shadows as they appear in various European cities. He invites the viewer to touch his works as he uses acrylics mixed with crushed stone, giving the workout an extra 3 dimensional look.

Try a shadow landscape painting today!

I am really excited to see the demo by David Griffin today! Get out there and paint!