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Awesome Acrylic Artists series…..Kevin Sloan…

Below is a clip featuring some of the artist’s work from 2008 and earlier.  I couldn’t find anything featuring works that he has done recently.

this artist is by hands down my favorite painter of birds. A very contemporary and modern painter who was inspired by the great bird painter John James Audobon. I was lucky to attend a show of Audobon last year and was very impressed with the level of detail he put into painting not only the birds, but also flowers and insects that add color and movement to his works.

Sloan has evolved as an artist from painting birds with modern cities such as Miami or Orlando in the backgrounds to new compositions which feature a variety of animals. A turtle, a dog, a bird, and a butterfly all interacting with one another.  This is “magical realism” at its best. His level of design in composition is my favorite attribute of this artist.

He also paints on very large works now, many have sides that 60 inches or longer. Composing works this size is difficult enough, but to take so many elements that aren’t there in front of you and assemble them and play the light and shadow so the viewer thinks they are watching something in real life actually take place, just fantastic!

The artist was born in 1958. The artist has a deep sense of knowledge of the artists from the age of discovery when artists went to painstaking efforts to record and illustrate the natural world.  Two artists he looked up to were Merian and Audobon.


Happy Painting!