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Awesome Acrylic Artists…..Sebastian Kruger….


A short clip showing some more of the artist’s work.

A piece showing the artist working on a large painting by Michael Jackson. Many works of the artist’s are done in a huge scale.


This artist has influenced me more than any other artist regardless of medium. In order to make a great caricature of someone you have to recognize how their face is different from a standard face and how you can exaggerate what it different and stretch so that it looks even more like the person. John Wayne’s slight underbite. Tina Turner,s legs. Marilyn Monroe’s body. The rough and hard lined facesof any of the Rolling Stones. The artist also paints great hair and amazing eyes that express the mood of the subject perfectly.

The artist has mastered the components of making wonderful art. The artist can draw at a high level. He knows composition many times pulling the viewer in for a close view from atop or just below the subject making the portrait look like a landscape. He is great at using color and layering so it has life, but still maintains a plein aire or impromptu look.  Also a key ingredient in painting is a high level of abstraction. The viewer’s eyes is kept moving from the subject to different parts of the paintings. The variety of 100% detail to very little detail makes the work come alive even more.

Great artists have great skills such as drawing, color and light, composition, and abstraction. A great painter of hair and eyes and clothes.  The many varieties of edges the artist uses are also tremendous. In many portraits large splatters of paint lay on top of the portrait making the work seem impromptu and spontaneous. It seems as if he uses an atomizer but I am not for sure.

The artist is more than willing to help anyone become a better artist giving workshops and lessons all around the world.

He was born in Germany in 1963. Interestingly he developed as lefty, but was made to write and draw with his right hand which was common at the time. His father was an architect. As a child the artist was a huge fan of Donald Duck. His parents wouldn’t allow him to buy any comic books or the like with still images so if he wanted to draw Donald he would go to the comic book stand, look at several images and memorize them, then go home and draw Donald many times.  Training this way allowed the artist to learn what made a subject a subject, very useful in his depiction of people.

The artist started in watercolor and moved to acrylics and brushes with only one hair to paint as tight and realistically as he wanted to. The artist has done work for magazines, movie and cd covers, as well as originals and prints sold around the world.

Currently around 700 paintings and 100 drawings exist by the artist.

Below is a link to the artist’s website.


Try painting a portrait today but EXAGGERATE a feature of the person, see how far you can stretch it!

Happy painting!