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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….Joan Metcalf…


This artist paints wonderful landscapes of the northwest using vibrant color. Color is the most important part of her works.  The artist is just as adept at painting a seascape as a forest or floral scene.  In her own words she tries to paint nature at its most colorful and most dramatic. For me her paintings of the forest during fall are what inspires me the most. The warm glimmer of light bouncing off the red and yellow leaves of the fall trees, it doesn’t get much better. By using color as her emphasis the viewer can connect with her works right away.

As a business person she has great marketing skills having sold works to many private collections as well as appearing in national art magazines such as American Art Collector. She works in a variety of mediums using oils, watercolors, and acrylics.  She also has originals as well as giclees for sale.  Great entry price points for collectors of all price levels.

In some of landscapes she also paints the entire cycle of a plant. From the budding of a plant to the flower she believes, as do I, all life and stages of a life cycle are interesting and beautiful. Please see a previous post about my favorite Dutch Floral painter,  Rachel Ruysch.

Attended college at the University of Washington and was an illustrator the Oregon Museum of Science before becoming a full time painter.

Try a painting using colors as your emphasis, try to engage the viewer in what you are feeling rather than painting EXACTLY what you see.

Happy painting!