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Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Robert Burt…


this artist paints landscapes that are emotional and infused with color.  I enjoy his landscapes because they have a dreamlike quality due to loosely rendered realism.

Compositions are very simple but the end results give the viewer a happy and pleasant feeling.  From a painter standpoint I enjoy the bold use of color in both the land and sky. Wonderful contrasts with warm golden and ochre colored land against cool blue skies.

Rather than paint sky scrapers or monuments to modern architecture the artist does a great job in  the buildings he admires most, adobe structures. Sometimes ordinary houses and sometimes old churches. Its great to see an artist stressing that sometimes simple is beautiful.

The roads are done in a manner that doesn’t emulate the fast and quick moving life in the big city, but focuses on freezing a moment in time and slowing it down. In today’s society that loves to print horrible news and the bad things that people do, this artist strives to make people slow down and treasure the everyday moments of slow ride thru the countryside. Using the older vehicles in the works also helps transport the viewer to a simpler and less complex time.

The artist was born in the 1950s in New York. He became interested in art thru an uncle he taught him chess and painting.  His uncle was involved in the advertising industry.

The artist attended Ulster college in New York and studied at the Art Student’s League of New York as well. Early on he found his niche in the art world by working with batik. He was able to master the art of a bold and simple composition. Batik  is done by making a design and using wax to depict, the fabric is then dyed and you are left with a very bold statement. No soft edges, just bold and dramatic compositions. In Lake Placid New York he opened up his own batik gallery which was very successful.

The artist traveled to South America and Europe. On a visit to Amsterdam, my favorite art city in the world, he decided he would try painting in pastels as his new medium of choice.In the 1990s he sold some businesses he had in North Carolina and moved out west to Sante Fe where the artist learned to work in acrylics.

Eventually the artist has been inspired by trips to Peru and even Mexico, where he owns land and a studio. He has even given classes to teach the people how to express themselves via art.

I enjoy this artist because he is always growing and trying new mediums. And he loves to travel and experience different cultures going far off the tourist trail to see how a normal person from the culture exists. He loves to see the beauty in everyday living!

Happy painting!