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Awesome Acrylic Artists series…. Alvin Richard….

this artist paints still life works for the most part, I find his compositions and ideas very modern and his execution of the paintings show a high level of technical skill.

The artist is mainly self taught and has lived on the Atlantic coast of Canada for most of his life.

If you see his subject matter, its very intriguing. Be sure and check out his website where you can find what drives the artist to paint certain pieces.  On the blog he talks about the differences in the new monopoly games, and he paints them. Wonderful technical skill painting things like water droplets on soda cans and also a variety of textures.  For instance the artist got an idea from watching Oprah Winfrey’s last year. He went to a used bookstore and bought some books on her recommended list. He stacked them up and made a great painting. Its great when you can look into an artist’s mind and follow the works from the birth of an idea all the way to finishing the piece.

The artist, like most of us, gains loads of inspiration from other artists. He looks at a Wayne Thiebauld painting, then is inspired to paint some food himself.  Another time he was inspired by Gustav Klimt, so he found a book with Klimt’s most valuable painting worth more than 1o0 million dollars at auction. He found a book with this picture on it and placed it on a table. On top of the book is a vase. Very modern compositions that are very interesting to look at just because of composition, but if you know a little more about the world the ideas so unique its tough to stop looking at them!

The artist paints with acrylics on gessoed hardboard for the most part.

Below is a link to his website!

Keep those brushes and pencils going!

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic artist series….. Jim Seitz….

this artist paints great landscapes using acrylics mixed with gold and silver leaf. If you like this artist’s work you might check out Brad Reubens Kunkle who uses gold and silver leaf with oil paints.

I find this artist’s work to be serene and very peaceful. The reflections of the leafed areas are tremendous and add yet another layer of translucent washer.

The artist was born in Chicago. He attended college in Texas at Stephen F. Austin University earning a bachelor of science degree.

He has loved art since he was 3 years old! At that wonderful age EVERY kid is an artist before they start listening to people who tell them artists are born and not made. While in college he worked for the university doing some medical illustration.

A world traveler who started working in watercolor as it was easier to transport to places like Boreo, a location the artist has visited.

His work is collected worldwide and the artist has appeared in national magazines such as American Art Collector.

Try a landscape today with silver leaf in the back ground. I recommend silver rather than gold leaf as its cheaper. Its fun to figure out the many different designs you can use. Also you can play with the reflective properties of the leaf when you layer some paint on top.  Just make sure the paint isn’t so heavy that it doesn’t let the light shine thru.

Happy Painting!