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Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..John Bowdren….

this artist not only paints wonderful acrylics, but oils and watercolors as well. He is known for painting boats.  His paintings of the sea inspire me  as an artist. So many different textures that the artists paints. The skin of the human figure, the reflections of the water, the old sea faring boats, even rocks all painted so the viewer can easily imagine touching them.

Below is a link to the artist’s website. The website is great because the artist’s gives a brief description about the piece, sometimes where it is painted and why he likes the piece or what inspired him to paint it.

The artist attended the school of visual arts in New York City. Has lived in many coastal areas like Seattle and Connecticut but his favorite place to live is in Maine. The artist is most excited by the quality of light that exists in Maine.

The artist even works in wood and sculpture to make prints. What a master of many mediums!

Hopefully seeing some works by this artist extraordinaire will cause you to try a new medium to express yourself. Acrylics are great to help you improve your oils as you can paint faster since they dry quickly. So if you are studying on various methods of painting grass, say a tightly rendered Andy Wyeth painting if you were to use egg tempera it would take a few days, with acrylics it would take only a few hours. Plus no smell and easy cleanup!

Happy painting!