Awesome Arcrylic Artist series……. Albino Hinojosa…


this artist paints mainly still lifes, with occasional landscapes.  I would consider his work almost to the level of a trompe painting in which the goal is to fool the viewer. Please notice his painting of the card stuffed into a surface rather than just resting flatly against it. Check out his painting of the mailbox. It transferred me back to a time when I was a young boy and I got to get the mail for grandparents!  The works connect highly with the viewer and transport them to the countryside. The artist is very skilled at rendering the affects of weather on objects.  Even a simple painting of an old door knob can be made to look exciting if the artist is highly skilled.

The artist was born in Texas in 1943. He grew up in Texas and now works out of Louisiana. He attended TexArkana college and worked under Otis Limpkin Then the artist went to East Texas State and studied with Charles McGough and other nationally known artists. He then went into illustration and has won numerous awards for his paintings. Received a masters degree from Louisiana Tech in Ruston where he now lives.

This artist also paints wonderful wallpaper. If you go to many modern houses the walls are boring and a neutral color. I enjoy the older houses with fun designs of floral scenes or some Rococo style works.  His skill for design and execution of a fun wall paper engages the viewer much more than a boring grey mixed with yellow ocher, white, and black. His painting of the floral wall paper is just fantastic!

The artist is even included in museum collections at the Longview and Tyler Museums of Art.

Try a still life painting today!

Happy painting!






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