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Awesome Acrylic Artist series….. David Griffin….


this artist is having a LIVE demonstration in downtown Denver on the 18th of this month.  It will be at Meiningers Art Supply in the upstairs. The artist shows in Denver at the Sandra Phillips gallery.  He will be showing how to paint landscapes from photographs using acrylics. I enjoy his landscapes and his approach of using so many wood panels. Some pieces have as many as 9 panels, making for a very large piece. I had seen triptych and diptych works, but never so many works using many smaller panels to make one large piece.

The artist sees art as an exploration of the world.  Many works are a compilation of views with gaps, thus the spaces in between the wood become more important and meaningful.  His work focuses on the pleasant and the beautiful.

Does he stress composition, color, light and shade and value. I don’t know the artist doesn’t state his views in his statement.

I enjoy his compositions and rendering of grasses. I look forward to his demo, mainly to see if he draws the entire picture out before adding color or if he works more in a plein air fashion.

Try a diptych painting today. A painting using 2 panels. It will force you to make a strong design pattern.

I couldn’t find any info on when the artist was born or if he attended the Art Students League or college for art.

Happy painting!