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Awesome Acrylic Artist series…. Del Bourree Bach….


this is another fantastic artist that paints lovely landscapes for the most part. Wonderful seascapes and marine scenes.  Great compositions and play of light.

This artist began his art career as a commercial artist making illustrations with pen and ink. Later on in the 1980s, the artist started using acrylics and using them in washes similar to oil paints.

I must admit though I knew a bit about the world of acrylic paintings, since I started this review my eyes have been blown away by the high level of work I see coming from so many acrylic artists.

Among my favorite works of the artist are also his farm scenes.  The square format piece  I showed above is great in that its a small piece, only 8 by 8 inches, yet captures the light as the morning sun is just rising! Wonderful light and composition here. I can feel the warmth peeking thru the trees!

Some publications the artist has appeared in are American Art Collector, American Artist, The Artist Magazine, Watercolor Magic, and International Artist.

A quote from the artist is ” Every painting has its time.”

Hope you are inspired by some of these great artists to get out and try this medium if you haven’t already!

Happy painting!